Do you ever feel stressed about feeling stuck, or frustrated that someone else is struggling to change their ways? Understanding the mental process that drives the willingness to change can be helpful. Once you realize your personal motivator, you can take the next step toward making the change you want. These are the top four reasons why people decide to change a behavior that isn’t working well.
Sometimes there is no other choice but to change, like if you rack up multiple tickets, avoid paying them and your license is suspended, you’ll need to pay them and stop speeding to regain your driver’s license. If you had a heart attack, you quit smoking because your doctor says that habit puts you at high risk for another.
Sometimes people change their behavior because they’re sick of being criticized. If your partner continually nags you about the way you do a chore, you decide to do it the way they like it done to avoid their negative feedback.
Then there’s the ah-ha moment. You clearly see how your behavior is impacting a situation or holding you back. You can visualize what things would look like if you tried a different, more helpful, approach. You feel excited now, with hope that this situation can and will improve if you do things differently.
And at last, the breaking point, or rock bottom. You are pushed to your limit with the drawbacks of the situation. You tried changing your perception of it, but that didn’t change how you really feel. It’s time to take action now. You can’t let fear hold you back one more day. Your soul is begging to shift out of the outgrown and EVOLVE!
This last stage of willingness to change leads to new beginnings. People decide to leave unhappy relationships, unfulfilling jobs and lackluster locations. They leap toward their dream, no matter how daunting or scary the path ahead may appear, because any change is better than where they are now, and their heart is saying follow your bliss! You have nothing to lose!
I hope this helps bring clarity to the stages of change. Where are you today in this process? Notice without judgment. What motivator can help you break a rut? Did you ever experience a breaking point that led to making a major life change? If so, share in the comments below!
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