The Dove Deck


The Dove Deck helps you deepen your faith and raise awareness about the way God is supporting you throughout your life.

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The Dove Deck helps you deepen your faith, practice mindfulness and see how God’s love is supporting you every day. Pull a card to get motivated, be comforted, receive guidance or share a meaningful message with a friend. These inspirational cards are made with love and contain good vibes only. Pray, shuffle, draw and see what message God has for you today!


  • Clearly written to help you easily understand God’s message to you.
  • Standard size cards, gentle on hands and easy for travel.
  • Includes The Dove Deck Guidebook, a PDF download to help you use them.
  • Easily give your friends and family a comforting message.
  • Draw cards as a couple to bring you closer together spiritually.
  • An insightful companion to your self-care practice (meditation, yoga, journaling).
  • Independently created and published, only available online.

Once you purchase your deck join us in The Dove Deck Group for tips about using them, and follow me at Buy Me A Coffee to read daily card messages. Subscribe to my You Tube channel so you don’t miss the monthly Dove card message.


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