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A pandemic special to help you receive the support you need.

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During your email session, we will focus on one situation that you could use support with. Email details of your situation and exactly what you would like coaching about. These are common issues clients request assistance with:

  • Do you need help understanding someone better?
  • Do you need support discerning which path to take?
  • Do you need support shifting your mindset about something that’s causing stagnancy, stress or confusion?
  • Do you need support with your self-care choices or advocating for your health care?

Be specific about what you need so I can help you best I can. I will email you detailed coaching insights along with a photo of three Dove cards about your situation. Email coaching sessions are given the same allotted time as a phone session. The difference is you receive a written transcript.

Please note: Any advice regarding health or self-care coaching is not a replacement for consulting a licensed medical provider. Please follow-up with your doctor. If you need a referral to a doctor, I can provide one. 


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