I finished my meditation teacher training in 2005, ten years after my first experience with meditation at a yoga class in New York City. Meditation had become a blissful, enlightening and very needed part of my self-care routine and wellness journey.

A few years later, I was teaching bi-weekly Angel Healing Meditations at my own studio in Orange County, California.

Why angels?

Because these holy beings of light had made their presence known during Reiki sessions to both me and my clients, and I wanted to help more people feel the incredible love of Holy Spirit that angels radiate. When a holy angel’s presence is near, you may see bright colorful lights or just feel a warm, safe, loving energy around you. You may feel more relaxed and at peace.

It didn’t take long for our meditation class to notice the benefits of angel healing. To the backdrop of soothing music, I prayed to God and asked Him to guide the meditation. I then shared my visions that appeared like a story in my mind. These guided visualizations helped our class access parts of their subconscious and spirit that are usually tuned out during the day.

After the meditation ended, clients shared their mystical experiences. So many testimonies of healing had taken place in that short hour with angels present.

Clients approached me after the meditations saying they wished they could come to class any time of day when they’re feeling stressed.

Ah ha! I knew what I could do for them!

I wrote and recorded Chakra Healing with Archangels based on those powerful healing meditations that took place in my cozy studio overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

I wanted the listener to experience the benefits of energy healing with a simple listen, so on the full album which includes three meditations, brain waves are woven in to help the brain drop into calmness, guided hand positions help energy flow to the chakras, and a yoga breathing technique helps shut off the fight or response and go even deeper into inner peace.

This video is the first meditation from the album. Om Shanti means peace within. These powerful affirmations help shift subconscious thinking where limited beliefs can be stored.

Listeners have said playing Om Shanti has cleared negative energy from their space, shifted bad moods and helped combat stressful commutes to work.

If you sing along, the combination of music with affirmations helps the brain record these beliefs even faster, and experience the good feelings that come with them. The lyrics are included in the video above. Enjoy!