Today’s message is from John 15: LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

We are each a flower on this earth, and God is our gardener. He provides what we need to grow and thrive while we’re planted here. He prunes parts of us that are no longer needed like weedy thoughts or situations that are suffocating our growth. He encourages us to let go so He can clear whatever is blocking our growth and healing.

Jesus encouraged us to reflect on his messages whenever fear, doubt, heartache or negativity start weighing us down. Reading Jesus’ empowering messages about love and healing will shift us back into a faith mindset. Jesus is a compassionate counselor. He knows how hard life can be here, he lived the worst of it! He also knows how eternal and miraculous our spirits are, and what we each need to fulfill our mission here.

Jesus encouraged his followers to heal, grow, be a generally nice, trustworthy person, prioritize joy, contribute something helpful, don’t take crap, and work toward peace. He says, “Your love, care and respect for each other will prove to the world that God’s love is real and powerful. You won’t need to mention my name, your actions will be a living example of my message to heal mankind. Remain in my love. If you feel guided to me, know I chose you because I know your soul has great capacity for love, peace and healing.”

Jesus says, “People who get too attached to this world and forget we are all souls in borrowed bodies may not respect you. They may not hear you. They may not see God’s love working through you. That’s because they don’t know our Creator, they’ve forgotten how blissful and powerful Divine love is. You may even feel ostracized by your religious or spiritual community because you are being true to a loving God. I will send you an advocate, a counselor, so you will not abandon your faith in the God who loves and supports you. Allow yourself to receive God’s love and you will have more to give away.”

How has God’s love worked through you before? What do you do to replenish Divine love when you feel depleted? How do you recognize kindred spirits who share your similar beliefs, values and/or mission? Have you ever felt disrespected or judged for your spiritual beliefs? Who are some of the advocates God has sent you who helped you keep the faith, including in yourself?

Healing Prayer
Dear God, give us great awareness of Your love. If our heart is afraid to love, remove that fear and heal our heart. Let Your love pour out of us so freely because You bless our lives with overflowing with joy and gratitude. Heal us, Lord, in every possible way. Bless us, Lord, with everything we need to fulfill our mission here. Amen!