What is the difference between a reading and coaching session?

A psychic provides readings for entertainment. A coach provides sessions to assist clients with deeper goals of personal growth, mindfulness, self-awareness, making big life changes, stress management and well-being. 

Psychic readings have the potential of damaging faith, confidence and self-esteem. Coaching is a positive, supportive, non-judgmental experience that focuses on strengthening faith, peace, confidence and self-esteem. 

As a certified life coach, I choose to use my intuitive abilities responsibility and in the way I have learned they can be most beneficial for my clients.

What can I expect from a session with you?

This is your time to focus on what you need. Before your session, you are welcome to send photos or links to things you would like to focus on during your session. 

It’s best to focus on one or two things you would like support with so we can use your time most effectively.

During your session, I will actively listen to your concerns and goals and offer insights, support and advice.

If you want to extend your session and I’m able to, there will be an additional charge for the extra time.

What are your specialties?
  • Relationships
  • Stress management
  • Health advocacy and self-care
  • Building confidence
  • Career goals
  • Mentoring young adults
  • Grief and loss
  • Veterans and first responders
Do I have to buy packages?

No. Coaching sessions are provided individually on an as needed basis.

The only time clients request packages is when they have a particular goal or challenge they’re working on and they benefit more from committing to 3-6 sessions to work through things more thoroughly. In this case, sessions are discounted when buying a package.

Are you still an intuitive medium?

Yes. I still work intuitively but I no longer provide cold readings. The way that I have worked most effectively with my clients is through coaching.

Mediumship happens naturally during sessions and will be shared if the client is comfortable. Specific medium sessions are by referral only. 

How do I pay you?

Payment is due before your session to secure your appointment. You can use Paypal, Venmo or Zelle.