Spring flowers are blooming and this month’s Dove card, Breathe, is a reminder to be proactive about your allergy care to prevent suffering this season. 

Breathe, Honesty and Heaven show us this month’s theme is speaking your truth

Your ancestors and divine guides are supporting you as you continue to practice asserting yourself and communicating how you feel clearly, calmly and honestly.

You may notice signs and synchronicity this month. This is God’s way of saying you are being helped by Heaven. 

Try using the breathing technique on the Breathe card whenever you feel stressed.

Inhale for a count of 4 then exhale for a count of 6.

This breath soothes your nervous system and can quiet the mind so you feel grounded and see things from a clearer perspective. 

If this breathing technique doesn’t do it for you, use whatever exercise does help you alleviate stress.

If there are certain things that helped you manage stress in the past, you may feel motivated to start practicing them again. 

It’s common in the winter months to be in hibernation mode and lose motivation, especially if you live in a cold, dreary climate. 

Now that the warm weather is back, your muscles are more supported and the blue skies and sunshine are boosting happy neurotransmitters. It’s a wonderful time to get back into your wellness groove!