Dove Cards for the Month of July 🕊

Honor, Gratitude and Wishing A Loved One Well.

This is a mindfulness practice for July. See if it resonates with you as you make plans and observations these next few weeks.

Honor—This month, honor what you need, and what’s best for you. Honor your time and energy. And stick to commitments that are meant to help you. This may also be honoring boundaries with a loved one so you can be supportive without trying to fix, dictate or overwhelm.

Gratitude—This month, focusing on things you’re grateful you already have is an instant mood booster and reminder no matter what those anxious thoughts may say, your life is rich with love, blessings and beautiful possibilities. Have faith more blessings are on the way! This may be symbolic of feeling grateful for something—a gift of some kind— you receive this month.

Give God Worries About A Loved One. It’s natural to worry about a loved one who needs something or is struggling. God is reassuring you extra angels are assigned to help. You may be able to offer support in some way that will be helpful, but your mission is to assist, not fix! Honor and gratitude may be what a loved one is working on. Your prayers and encouragement are extra valuable to your friends or family this month.