Complementary Therapies for Military Veterans

Restorative Yoga. Aromatherapy. Reiki Therapy. 

Yoga for Heroes is dedicated to providing military veterans safe and empathetic opportunities to rest and heal. Lauralyn designed her program based on overcoming PTSD, and exclusively for wounded active duty Enlisted, Officers, Rangers and 82nd Airborne in her classes at Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force in North Carolina. She specializes in assisting veterans and first responders with stress management and avoiding/recovering injuries. To schedule a Yoga for Heroes training for your community, please email


  • Restore nervous system balance
  • Quiet the mind
  • Alleviate aches and pain
  • Naturally gravitate toward a healthier lifestyle
  • Feel more at peace
  • Rejuvenate your energy
  • Gently increase flexibility
  • Support your body’s healing process

“I was a front line soldier. It was absolutely devastating and there was no alert when I and many others returned to civilian life. We were not aware of PTSD. We were not aware that it would be difficult for us to fit into society. In fact, we believed we were fitting into society even though it was an ill fit. It was 40 years after Vietnam when I finally decided to heal some of those psychological and emotional scars. Lauralyn’s methods have been a very significant tool to bring peace into my life, to relieve me of the nightmares that come from re-occurring thoughts of war and the acts and deeds committed in war. The methods that Lauralyn use are so profound, I just have complete faith and confidence in what she does and it works. In order to receive the benefits of this work, it’s important for me to be receptive, to believe and to have faith, all of which I do.”  –Thomas, Vietnam Veteran

“I had the opportunity of collaborating with Ms. Kearney to provide non-pharmaceutical and complementary modalities to Service Members living with chronic pain. My patients were extremely appreciative of her knowledge, skill set, and abilities as a yoga instructor. Ms. Kearney’s character is one of integrity and her excitement to learn and apply her knowledge is remarkable. She is truly an asset to the field of yoga and pain management.”

Keisha-Gaye N. O’Garo, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Interdisciplinary Pain Management Center, Womack Medical Center, Fort Bragg

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