Keep the faith.

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This ‘lil deck will coach you through life with healing prayers, affirmations and a whole lotta faith. Great for journaling and reading for friends, too!

Treat Yourself To A Dove Deck

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“Your readings strengthen my faith, I appreciate all you do!” –Corey, monthly subscriber

Trusted intuitive coaching since 2005 using emotionally safe cards and cognitive behavioral insight for a healthy, holistic approach to managing stress and making decisions. 



The Dove Deck is by far the most loving and encouraging deck. Chock-full of insightful and uplifting messages that are easy to interpret and apply to your life. This is a perfect tool to add to your meditation practice or as an every day connection to God.


Well made, great quality cards that are also beautifully illustrated and articulately worded. These are one-of-a-kind so you won’t find another deck quite like them. There’s no fear or negativity in these cards. They are sure to lift you in spirit. They will inspire you and give you the hope and validity that your soul needs right now. <3


This Dove Deck is so beautiful and simple to use. It is excellent for personal use and to give as gifts. Everyone I’ve given it to has loved the cards. ❤️ The messages are clear, loving and powerful. Thank you!


I love Lauralyn’s The Dove Deck, this is a beautiful deck. I use this deck more than my tarot cards whenever I need a loving message from God/The Universe. It has strengthened my faith in God/The Universe. I highly recommend it. The Dove Deck is an all faiths deck. I’m lucky to call Lauralyn my faith coach. She is an inspiration and has helped me so much on my spiritual path since 2009!


She has become part of my family now! A gifted and compassionate healer that has been here to elevate my own intuitive wellness business! She knows her stuff!


I feel a weight lifted after speaking with Lauralyn. Working with her has truly helped me in many areas of my life.


Lauralyn has been a beacon of understanding and intuitive insight. I have used her for personal decisions and for guidance for the health of my dogs. I love her!


I have been listening to Lauralyn’s Chakra Healing with Archangels for about 5 years now. The healing spirituality and mental clarity I have received from this goes beyond words!!! Her soft gentle voice is both soothing and powerful….listen to this before awakening and before sleep….it will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself!!!


I knew from the start I would enjoy talking with Lauralyn. She was so sweet and right to the point of the matter I am dealing with. I have great direction from our meeting and I am ready to take the appropriate steps to get to my best self!! 


Every day your cards touch all of my senses and affirm exactly what is happening in my life right now. It’s amazing and I can’t thank you enough for being so kind in sharing your time and your insight.


Lauralyn awakened my heart and mind during her phenomenal Reiki trainings and has continued to help me blossom open with her powerful healing work. I can’t say enough good about this woman, and have recommended many of my clients, friends and family to see her.


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