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Faith. Love. And Doves.

Relaxation is vital for health and wellness. Here, you’ll find opportunities to unwind, and explore the interesting and therapeutic benefits of mindfulness. If you believe in the power of prayer…if you want to keep the faith even when life is insanely challenging… if you want to learn effective ways to manage stress (including those pesky anxious thoughts!)… if you enjoy restorative yoga or meditation…welcome home! 


Meaningful Messages for

Daily Self-Care

The Dove Deck



The Dove Deck is by far the most loving and encouraging deck. Chock-full of insightful and uplifting messages that are easy to interpret and apply to your life. This is a perfect tool to add to your meditation practice or as an every day connection to God.


Well made, great quality cards that are also beautifully illustrated and articulately worded. These are one-of-a-kind so you won’t find another deck quite like them. There’s no fear or negativity in these cards. They are sure to lift you in spirit. They will inspire you and give you the hope and validity that your soul needs right now. <3


This Dove Deck is so beautiful and simple to use. It is excellent for personal use and to give as gifts. Everyone I’ve given it to has loved the cards. ❤️ The messages are clear, loving and powerful. Thank you!

I love Lauralyn’s The Dove Deck, this is a beautiful deck. I use this deck more than my tarot cards whenever I need a loving message from God/The Universe. It has strengthened my faith in God/The Universe. I highly recommend it. The Dove Deck is an all faiths deck. I’m lucky to call Lauralyn my faith coach. She is an inspiration and has helped me so much on my spiritual path since 2009!

Faith, Prayers and Self-Care

What is a Dove Coach®?
What is a Dove Coach®?

Too Much Stress, Not Enough Peace.  When I first started working in the wellness field, I taught meditation and yoga and provided Reiki treatments to help people manage stress. I had experienced the power of deep relaxation myself; it heals and protects the nervous...

Love One Another
Love One Another

Today’s message is from John 15: LOVE ONE ANOTHER. We are each a flower on this earth, and God is our gardener. He provides what we need to grow and thrive while we’re planted here. He prunes parts of us that are no longer needed like weedy thoughts or situations that...

Prayers for Conception
Prayers for Conception

During the delicate season of conception, prayer is a powerful tool to reset your mind and help you sense God's guidance and feel the presence of your child's spirit. If you are curious about what it's like to communicate with a child's spirit before it's manifested...

Chakra Healing with Archangels
Chakra Healing with Archangels finished my meditation teacher training in 2005, ten years after my first experience with meditation at a yoga class in New York City. Meditation had become a blissful, enlightening and very needed part...


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