Too Much Stress, Not Enough Peace. 

When I first started working in the wellness field, I taught meditation and yoga and provided Reiki treatments to help people manage stress.

I had experienced the power of deep relaxation myself; it heals and protects the nervous system, helps balance hormones and neurotransmitters, helps tissues repair from injury, improves focus and can even lower inflammation levels. 

I noticed after these deep states of relaxation were achieved, some of my students would jump right back into a stressful thought and trigger the cascade of stress hormones, tight muscles and a jittery nervous system all over again. 

When I offered private coaching sessions, I noticed my clients who suffered from the highest levels of anxiety also struggled with managing their stressful thoughts.

The common denominator between my yoga students and coaching clients that was causing so much stress was fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of bad things happening, fear of so many things overrode faith that a loving God had designed their lives with purpose and meaning. 

Dove Coaching®: Restoring Inner Peace

Seeing where there was a great need for more support, I began integrating my stress management teachings to provide a foundation for clients to feel more at peace physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

My approach is interfaith; spiritual, not religious. I help my clients keep the faith. My approach is gentle; meditation and restorative yoga do no harm. My approach is mindful; I help my clients explore different perspectives instead of allowing a stressful thought to dominate their reality. My approach is personal; I’m not perfect but I have mastered the art of self-care and patient advocacy. 

I don’t believe in working from a textbook. I believe each person is unique. I work with clients who have experienced some kind of trauma or life-changing event in in their lives, and acknowledge the four pillars of self-care:

  1. Nurturing the mind, body and spirit with good food.
  2. Nurturing the mind, mind and spirit with relaxation therapies and exercises. 
  3. Being mindful of how thoughts are affecting feelings and behaviors and making adjustments to any thoughts or behaviors that aren’t generating peace, well-being or self-esteem. 
  4.  Building a foundation of faith that is a source of strength, patience, love, peace, wisdom, intuition and inspiration. 

Dove Coaching® is motivational, empowering and non-judgmental. Sessions include card messages from The Dove Deck to provide support and insights for these four pillars of self-care. 

Warriors, Givers, Inspirations 

My clients are givers who don’t always receive the same level of generosity, care and appreciation they give others. My clients are good-hearted people who at times have been taken for granted or advantage of. My clients are pro-active about taking good care of themselves and often work with holistic-minded health care providers.

My clients don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but they also don’t want to put up with anyone’s crap; they want to be fair to themselves and assertive with others. My clients are curious about learning new things, and about understanding things on a deeper level. My clients enjoy being of service and are professionals in their field. 

My clients are resilient and inspiring men and women who don’t always need a coach but they know they deserve help, too, so they don’t have to do everything on their own. My clients recognize achieving balance isn’t always easy or realistic in life, and a coach can help prioritize that valuable and restorative “me time.” My clients use prayer to send more love into the world, to process acceptance when needed, and to welcome miracles. 

Coaching Cards for Self-Care 

You can use The Dove Deck on your own to receive coaching at your convenience, whenever you’d like. After you buy your deck, join our Dove Group and download the Dove Deck Guidebook. The guidebook is a detailed companion to understand what each card message means. Take a deep breath and know you are divinely supported!