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CoverArt -Healing Meditation for Pet Parents

This meditation will provide love and comfort during this very difficult time. Our pets are our family, and their souls continue to look after us when they are in heaven. This meditation helps you stay connected to their spirit while nurturing your own.

Healing Messages from St. Francis

Growing up an only child raised on acres of land, Lauralyn’s “siblings” were her furry family: the dogs, cats, hamsters and fish that she talked to and played with every day. Animals felt safe in her presence, she intuitively could feel their physical discomforts and hear their thoughts.

A Healing Visit from St. Francis

When Lauralyn was very ill, she feel asleep and traveled to a beautiful garden lit with white light. A monk sat on a stone bench across from her, a bunny hopped on the ground beside him. She knew her soul was visiting heaven, and she quickly recognized the loving, kind monk as someone she had been praying to, St. Francis. Lauralyn felt a deep healing permeating her cells from the very atmosphere that surrounded St. Francis and her, an atmosphere of euphoric love. She awoke feeling blessed to know that St. Francis heard her prayers and paid her a special visit. Ever since then, she has been working with this saint to continue his beautiful mission of helping animals on Earth. She has been helping owners gain clarity about their pet’s well-being for over a decade.

Lauralyn’s sessions for animals are intended for educational and stress-relief purposes only, they aren’t a replacement for veterinary care. To find a holistic-minded vet near you, click here in the U.S. and here in Europe.

Pet Reading Options

True Stories of Hope and Healing



Lauralyn has an incredible gift for tuning into animals and giving them a voice. Lauralyn has worked with my dog Stanley for several years. Stanley was having major stomach issues. I had to take him to the vet several times. They diagnosed him with Gastritis and IBD. They wanted Stanley to have an expensive procedure to have a scope down his throat to look at his stomach. It didn’t feel necessary to me. So I had Lauralyn tune into the issue. She immediately said he had a gluten allergy and he was highly sensitive to food. So she helped me test different foods and supplements and he has not had a flare up in over a year!  Prior to Lauralyn, he was having severe flare ups every 3-6 months!  Working with Lauralyn has saved me lots of stress and not to mention expensive vet bills. She is truly amazing.



I was very skeptical about you doing distant Reiki on my dog, Maggie, when she was coming to an end of her time on Earth, but I watched her when you said you would be doing it and every time her appearance changed. She seemed comfortable and at peace and one time she looked like a healed girl and I thought everything would turn around. Here entire look, her face, the way she held her body changed during her sessions.

We learn a lot from Kathy’s sessions. Most recently, Ruckus (photo shown) validated being a spirit guide helping Kathy’s other pets cross over, and her dog, Maestro, validated that his spirit still visits his family on earth.

My husband and I had recently moved to Washington state from California with our 6 cats, 2 of which used to be outdoor only. I was concerned about bringing our outdoor cat Tabby inside, as we have an indoor cat Leo, who is very aggressive and territorial.  Initially everything went fine as they were all new to the space and no one acted out. Abut a week ago however,  Leo began to become aggressive toward Tabby and went after him. I reached out to Lauralyn for some help and insight, as she has always been great at tuning in. She asked for photos if both kitties and was able to identify what was going on with Leo’s behavior and also to do a clearing of any unwanted aggression.  It’s now been about a week and we have had maybe one minor power play, but Leo seems to have relaxed and accepted Tabby and is mainly ignoring him. I am always so grateful for Lauralyn’s healing work and would never hesitate to recommended her.

Leo Feeling Triggered By Tabby


Post-Healing Session Photo of Leo Sleeping Harmoniously with Tabby!


Mysterious Illness Healed

Appel's Fur Babies

Dino with Rhoda and Dolly

Dino has been very weak and withdrawn for the past 18 hours. He is having trouble walking. I am thinking he might be making his transition. I don’t want to take him to the vet once again only to have him go through a bunch of tests. He has been to the vet recently.  How can I best help him?

Message from St. Francis Delivered In Email

We are hearing it is a good idea to take him to see the vet. When we ask the angels if there is any kind of home remedy you can give him, we’re being guided to take him to the vet instead. We keep hearing “medical intervention.” Is he on seizure medication? It feels like this may be related to medication somehow. If so, the vets may know how to reverse the symptoms. This is a very stressful experience, know the angels are with you, Heaven is guiding you. Praying for a peaceful solution and healing to this situation ASAP. Please keep me posted.


Dino Recovers!

He is almost back to normal.  I spent 6 hours at the hospital and was very impressed with their care.  There were some high numbers on his lab reports but she researched them and it was consistent with his seizure medication.  I am taking him to his regular Vet on Wed. and I have changed his food. I once again am very thankful you were able to look into this.  Love you Lauralyn!

Validation from A Little Pug and A Little Bird

Pritchard Fur Babies

Boris and Beaker

Delivered in Facebook Messenger

Lauralyn: I asked for a message and I had two impressions – one of spraying water, like out of garden hose or kitchen sink. Was he ever sprayed somehow? And I heard “cat” as if there were some kind of joke about this. Does that make sense? Asked the guardian angels and got a huge yes Beaker is with Boris and a grandmother…impression is paternal side…did someone in your family have a chicken farm or own chickens?

Pet Parent: Oh wow, u r good!! I did have a little blue water sprayer I kept for Beaker. He loved it. thought it was a game!!!! I have had 2 out of body experiences with my Boris since he passed. He has a “cartoon type white cat” with him who I think is some sort of guide for him. They love playing in their field and rest in their white comfort room. He makes me laugh as the cat doesn’t look real but I know he is!! I will have to check chickens but think Nannie Rose used to keep them during the war. Also think my mums uncle used to keep them.

Kody’s Story: A Worried Owner Reaches Out



My dear friend suggested that I contact you regarding my 6 month old puppy Koda. About 3 months ago he started having diarrhea and it has not stopped since. This also makes him constantly hot and thirsty. We have tried changing his diet, testing for worms, probiotics, and enzymes. Nothing seems to be working. Our vet is at a loss and the only thing he suggests is a specialized diet, but told us he doesn’t think that the diet is behind the problem. At this point I’m appreciative of any guidance you can provide. I am extremely eager and excited to hear your thoughts and intuition on my sweet sweet boy.

Excerpt from St. Francis Messages Delivered In Email

Here are action steps:
  1. Get Koda on an organic diet ASAP. You may want to follow one of the recipes in Dr. P’s book or start with mixing some organic chicken with olive oil and white rice. Think bland and binding foods – organic meat protein mixed with a starch and olive oil. You may want to also add filtered water to his meal to make sure he gets his water intake. 
  2. Stop using pesticides for insect control. Use natural brands that don’t seep toxic chemicals into Koda’s skin, disrupting his endocrine system and affecting his gut. For sensitive animals who are ingesting too many toxins via food and environment, these pesticides can further burden their immunity and lead to serious disease in the future. Prevention is power!
  3. Research homeopathy and herbal options. These two are testing strongly as resonating with Koda’s system. You may want to consult an herbalist or holistic vet for more guidance.
  4. Detoxify through clean diet, filtered water and supplements. And any other healing modalities you feel drawn to, like Reiki or acupuncture. Then add enzymes and probiotics to help him rebuild his flora.
We are being shown healing happening here with these changes. I will be saying prayers for Koda, and please keep me posted on his progress! Dear God and Guardian Angels, and St. Francis, thank you for watching over Koda’s mind, body and spirit and helping him detoxify from any allergens and toxins that are affecting his health. Thank you for guiding Kelly to the best vets, foods and resources to support Koda’s rapid recovery and renewed vibrant health. Thank you for teaching Kelly how to care for her unique animal’s needs, and for making these changes easy, affordable and accessible. We affirm that Kelly and Koda are Divinely blessed, loved, guided and protected all the days of their lives. Amen.


One Month After Her Session with Lauralyn, Koda’s mom says…

“I just wanted to follow up and let you know how Koda has been doing. First of all thank you so much for your advice. My instincts told me exactly what you advised. However, when I asked our vet he said Koda’s problems could not be due to the flea/food issues. So not only did you help Koda, but you strengthened my belief in my own intuition. So we immediately stopped his food and treats. We did some research in the best organic kibble we could find and went with Orygen brand that I highly recommend (we are now putting all three dogs on the same). And although we had only given him flea medicine once, I’ve since been using only natural homemade flea remedies that have been working nicely. As well, he is at the tail end of a monthly herbal detox and all in all is doing amazing!”

Two Years Later she says…

“Hello, he is doing great now. He’s 90+ pounds and a huge happy goofball. We only give him organic dog food and stay away from chemicals in the house and yard and seems to have done the trick. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.”


Messages from Peppi

Excerpt from Email Session

Her spirit comes around to comfort you when you are feeling sad, and she says you may think you see her out of the corner of your eye or that you feel her brush against you…you may get these glimpses and think, it can’t be…but it is her you are seeing. She is letting you know she will never really leave your side. She says she will also visit you in dreams, and would like to be your image of peace and relaxation when you feel stress. She’d like to be a source of smiles for you, and happy memories. She wants you to remember those good times, and allow yourself to feel her love around you and trust she will always be your little girl and always spiritually connected to you. Nothing can truly separate the bond of spiritual energy – love you both share.
 Peppi’s Parent: My husband and I felt so much better after I read the reading from Peppi, I always told Peppi she was my little girl and she is so beautiful. I still tell her I love her. I do see movement in my peripheral vision and wondered if it was Peppi. Your reading helped me and Mike find peace after she died unexpectedly.


Blanca’s Blessing From Heaven

Growing up my first best friend was my beloved cat Blanca. I hand fed her as a newborn kitten when her mother stopped producing milk and she was the only one to survive within her litter. From the start we had a mutual bond of love and trust that lasted for about 7 years until her untimely death. I never knew what had happened to her, I was on a family vacation and while I was gone she simply left home and never came back. For years I wondered about her, though I truly felt she had gone away to die (outdoor cats are known to do that) I just wanted validation she was at peace.

When I had my session with Lauralyn I received much more than I had anticipated. During our session I was finally able to have an insight to how my cat felt and experienced our precious time together. My heart’s pain was eliminated knowing she was safe and at peace and that surprisingly she was still with me in spirit. Simply put, working with Lauralyn gives you the missing tools to finally communicate with your pets far beyond our earthly limitations. I believe every pet owner would benefit from working with Lauralyn getting the answers and clarification that is sometimes needed when we aren’t able to fully communicate with our four legged loved ones.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 11.22.59 AM

Leon, happy in his new home!

Leon Adjusts To A Big Life Change

This Spring I made a major change in my life, ending an eleven-year relationship and moving out of the home I shared with my husband and into a place of my own. Lauralyn has been extremely helpful through the entire process, and one of the things I was concerned about was what to do about our cat, Leon. Leon was my cat prior to the relationship, but my husband had cared for him as his own fur baby for over ten years.

When I moved out, I was concerned not to be too disruptive to my cat’s life, as well as to my soon-to-be-ex, as I navigated my living situation and made this huge transition. Lauralyn’s channeling of the Angels’ divine messages during this process helped me to understand and follow-through with what was in the highest good and least disruptive for all.

I was feeling an intuition that the cat and the ex needed more time together, and that they both were helping each other through this upheaval. Through Lauralyn, the Angels confirmed that this was best temporarily, but that the time would come when Leon the cat would be reunited with me, happier back with his Momma, and that it would also me best for my ex to let go of this attachment to the cat (and me, and the past).

After a month setting up my new place and establishing my energy there, I brought Leon the cat to live with me. It was a big adjustment for him during the first week, but he eventually acclimated to his new surroundings and forgave me for turning his life upside-down.

The guidance that came through in the reading with Lauralyn gave me peace of mind that I was in fact doing what was in the highest good for all, and the confidence to move forward with what I needed to do. What has happened in the months following the reading have confirmed everything that came through in the reading. My cat Leon has settled into the new space and seems happier and more content than ever. I am so grateful to have my furry companion here to greet me when I come home, making the transition to living alone after a marriage much more comfortable. And I see that my ex is moving on with his life, and that the gradual letting-go of the life we shared, including the cat, is actually really healthy for him to be able to move forward in his life.

Moving forward, embracing change, following that flow of life has been good for ALL concerned, and I am so grateful to Lauralyn and the Angels’ guidance for supporting and encouraging what has turned out to be a very healthy and surprisingly peaceful next chapter.

-Leon’s Momma

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