Life Coaching

Provided by Phone, Skype, Facebook or Email.

Lauralyn is a certified Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach known for her keen intuition. She specializes in spirituality and wellness. She helps you…

  • Make decisions with the help of her distant kinesiology technique.
  • Bring awareness to subconscious fears that may be blocking you.
  • Clear up confusing situations so you have greater insights and peace of mind.
  • Improve communication and understanding in your relationships.
  • Pursue your personal and professional goals with a detailed plan.
  • Move through stressful experiences with coping skills, and greater understanding of purpose and how to move forward.
  • With a background in holistic healing, nutrition, yoga therapy and psychology, her combination of intuition and knowledge provides progressive insights and action plans to improve health and wellness.

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Payment Policy. Payment is required before your session. PayPal, credit cards and checks are accepted. You can pay…

  • Using the blue buttons below
  • Or for your convenience email us and we’ll schedule your appointment and process the payment for you
  • When scheduling an email session, please provide detailed questions and email photos of yourself and people you have questions about

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Thank you so much Lauralyn for the in depth information and for a wonderful session. As always you are amazing!!!
Esta Terblanche

Phone and Email Client

To feel connected to God and to gain perspective on major life challenges, there’s no better place to turn that to Lauralyn’s intuitive counseling sessions. I have been helped in so many ways on so many occasions in recent years. I honestly can’t say enough good things about Lauralyn’s talent and inner light.

Laura Simpson

Phone and Email Client, The Harmony Fund

Very insightful. I have had similar services in the past but Lauralyn was spot on. She is very intuitive and a true healer. I highly recommend her for anyone needing answers and further clarification.

Diana Michaels

Phone and Email Client

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