Whenever I am feeling really wound up or in fear mode about a particular situation, I always seek out counseling from Lauralyn. Her readings are always filled with love and light, and are extremely insightful . Without even saying too much about a situation, Lauralyn always picks up messages and intuitions about other things within the situation, and she has a great sense of humor and you always end the session with a feeling of faith renewed. If you are struggling with anything, and feeling blocked or hopeless or as previously stated, caught up in fear mode, do not hesitate to contact Lauralyn. Julie Prewett

Email and Facebook Messenger Client

Thank you so much Lauralyn for the in depth information and for a wonderful reading. As always you are amazing!!!
Esta Terblanche

Email and Phone Client

To feel connected to God and to gain perspective on major life challenges, there’s no better place to turn that to Lauralyn’s intuitive counseling sessions. I have been helped in so many ways on so many occasions in recent years. I honestly can’t say enough good things about Lauralyn’s talent and inner light. Laura Simpson

Phone Client, The Harmony Fund

Intuitive Life Coaching

More than just a reading. It’s an opportunity for peace of mind and to pursue your soul’s calling.

Your session is a therapeutic blend of intuitive reading, life coaching, and spiritual counseling. Life coaching provides future insights while also recognizing your power. Our focus is how to help you make your life easier, and better. Using my clairvoyant abilities, I help you make decisions based on what resonates with your energy field, bring awareness to subconscious fears, clear up confusing situations, improve communication and understanding in your relationships, pursue your goals, move through stressful experiences and understand your life’s purpose and lessons. Because of my own health history and education, my intuition is tuned into the body as much as the mind and spirit, so I am also able to provide detailed support to integrate with your wellness goals. I love working with motivated people who enjoy exploring and understanding their spirit’s journey here. There is always so much to learn!

Sessions are provided in 30, 45 and 60-minute sessions. All sessions are provided by phone, Skype, FaceTime or Email. Payment is required before your session via PayPal, credit card or check.

Email Coaching

Email sessions are a convenient way to receive support whenever you need it. Here’s how it works.

  1. Schedule and pay for your email session. You can do this via email or scheduling online 24/7.
  2. Email four questions and relevant photos. I must be able to see the eyes of the person.
  3. You will receive detailed insights to your questions provided in an organized, clear layout, emailed to your in-box. You can expect anywhere from one up to four paragraphs in response to each of your questions. I don’t control how much comes through during your session, but I do include every impression I receive, including pertinent links and referrals.

To read more about what your session covers CLICK HERE.

I really enjoy my time with Lauralyn. She has great energy and is a great soul. I was able to find some peace and healing with her words. Thank you so much Lauralyn. Stella Frize

Phone Client

Very insightful. I have had similar services in the past but Lauralyn was spot on. She is very intuitive and a true healer. I highly recommend her for anyone needing answers and further clarification.

Diana Michaels

Phone and Email Client

Our working relationship is built on trust, genuine care and divine guidance. My practice is based on referrals, and many of my clients have been working with me for years. Here’s how I’ve helped them.


  • I help you create healthier relationships. A graduate student received specific validation she needed to end a toxic relationship, and now sets higher standards, knowing she deserves love. A frustrated wife on the verge of divorce saved her marriage by changing her perspective and behavior based on understanding why her husband felt hurt and what they both can do to bring love back into their hearts and minds. A single mom and busy business owner is grateful for intuitive personality insights about her dates that help her feel confident eventually choosing Mr. Right.
  • I help you turn your inspired idea into a fulfilling reality! A real estate agent became passionate about sharing her homemade baby formula with other health-conscious parents after her own baby had a scary allergic reaction to store-bought milk. Now she sells her successful formula online. A hair stylist created a thriving nutritional coaching practice based on a juicing regime that improved her health. An unhappy housewife created a thriving non-profit helping animal rescues around the world that now supports her as a single mom. A part-time teacher received the validation and support she needed to follow through on a business idea and now supplements her income as an independent consultant.
  • I help you improve your well-being. A husband and father who had struggled with crippling anxiety now has self-help tools that effectively manage his stress. A wife and mother suspected she was misdiagnosed and kept getting sicker; after receiving intuitive validation and detailed guidance about an alternative health care route with a new doctor, she began to heal. A woman trying to heal naturally receives validation that medication is actually a gentler and more effective treatment for her particular body. Another woman learns that one of the medications she is on is causing most of her symptoms and improves weaning off with the help of an intuitively-tested doctor. Two different women labeled infertile become pregnant after addressing root causes. A young girl who lost her mother tragically re-connects to her spirit and finally understands why her mother acted the way she did, she now feels more at peace having closure.

I can’t thank Lauralyn Kearney 13507089_1235460303139653_6383193154688681227_nenough for her coaching me through clearing my cluttered office! She made a daunting task fun and lighthearted! I should’ve taken a before pic. This 3-drawer lateral file cabinet was stuffed FULL of files…old work stuff, CSULB stuff, CSUF papers from my masters, taxes, etc… I didn’t know where to start and never felt like tackling it. Now look at it… It feels soooo good to let go! I still have some files to put back after I go through them, but it probably won’t even fill the top drawer. I highly recommend her if anyone is feeling the urge to do space clearing to release the old and let new energy come in!

Lora Kermode

Independent Consultant, Rodan + Fields

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