Pet Reiki Session


Support your pet’s well-being with a relaxing Reiki session. Includes three Dove card messages drawn just for your pet after Reiki.


During your pet’s session, we will focus on general relaxation or a specific intention. This will be discussed before your session begins. You may receive feedback with a particular situation your pet is presently experiencing, and insight into your pet’s mind/body connection.

How Reiki Can Help Animals

  • Stress and pain relief.
  • Ease anxiety.
  • Help with transitions, including end-of-life.

Preparing For Your Pet’s Reiki Session

  • Reiki is only provided distantly at this time.
  • We will schedule your pet for a specific time and I will send Reiki for 15 minutes. I will message you before I begin and after the session is finished.
  • Be mindful of any changes in your pet during and after the session. Make sure your pet has fresh water to support ki (energy flow).
  • It’s best to receive energy healing away from a heavy meal (a treat is fine).
  • Create a comfortable space for your pet to help calm the nervous system which will increase the beneficial effects of their session.
  • I will send you a private link to the Spotify playlist for your pet’s session. Use it if you’d like.
  • After your session, you will receive a Dove card message regarding your pet.
  • Please send a photo of your pet before your session for me to use for Reiki.
  • 5-minute follow-up sessions cost $25.
  • Save $5 on sessions when paying by Zelle, or Venmo.


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