Guided Reiki Meditation


Enjoy the benefits of deep relaxation and energy healing in the comfort of your own home. Includes three Dove card messages drawn just for you to support wellness and self-care after your session.


Take time out to deeply relax with a soothing intuitively-guided Healing Meditation. Get cozy and comfortable, this is your time to let go and recharge.

Techniques that may be used during your meditation include:

  • Guided Visualization
  • Mindfulness
  • Reiki
  • Therapeutic Yoga
  • Emotion Code
  • Tapping/EFT

During your meditation, we will focus on general relaxation or a specific intention. This will be discussed before your session begins. You may receive a healing affirmation that correlates with a particular situation you’re presently experiencing, and insight into your mind/body connection.

Each meditation session includes an energy healing therapy.

Preparing For Your Session

  • Guided Meditations are 45-50 minutes and provided by phone only at this time.
  • 20-minute follow-up sessions cost $55.
  • Earphones or speakerphone is recommended for your session.
  • Hydrating before and after your session will help support the healthy flow of Ki (energy).
  • It’s best to receive energy healing away from a heavy meal (a light snack is fine).
  • Create a comfortable space for yourself at home using pillows, blankets and an eye mask to help calm your nervous system which will increase the beneficial effects of your session.
  • I will send you a private link to the Spotify playlist for your session. Use it if you’d like.
  • After your session, you will receive a photo of 3 Dove cards to support continued healing.
  • If we haven’t worked together before, please send a photo of yourself before your session for me to use for Reiki.
  • Save $5 on sessions when paying by Zelle, or Venmo.


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