During the delicate season of conception, prayer is a powerful tool to reset your mind and help you sense God’s guidance and feel the presence of your child’s spirit.

If you are curious about what it’s like to communicate with a child’s spirit before it’s manifested here, I share my experiences here.

In this post, you’ll have access to powerful prayers that are intended to help you relax and enter a receptive state.

What is the difference between affirmations and prayer?

Affirmations are powerful “I am” statements, meaning you are affirming the reality and perception that you want to believe. Affirmations help align your mind with what you want, shifting away from fearful and anxious thoughts.

Prayer also aligns your thoughts with what you want. The difference is prayer enlists a higher power to help, especially when you feel your thoughts alone may not be enough to help your faith in a situation.

When months turn into years, especially, and there’s still no BFP test, doubt can start creating a lot of miserable thoughts. The body physically experiences these thoughts as stress. And we don’t need to be told again how stress doesn’t help when TTC!

Prayer invokes spiritual healing, energy healing, and divine love to surround you and your process of conceiving. Prayer wipes away doubt and replaces it with divine grace and action. When we pray, we ask for divine help. We recognize we don’t have to do everything on our own. There is help from above.

Being Mindful

That divine help can show up in different ways, so it’s important to be mindful of your inner nudges. Those nudges may be about making a lifestyle change, or consulting a particular fertility doctor, or trying a certain supplement.

Prayers aren’t just about waiting for “the big one” to be answered. They help us see what is in our power to help create what we want. These divine action nudges are also answered prayers.

Creating A Healing Prayer Ritual

You don’t need to be in a meditative state of mind to say these prayers. That’s the beauty of it! You’re giving your prayer to God, releasing it. You don’t need to be or feel perfect for your prayer to be heard and to receive divine support.

It is a special treat, though, when we can take a time out and create a little ritual with our prayers. Lighting a candle or incense. Taking a few slow, deep breaths. Releasing tense muscles. These practices can help make your prayer time more healing.

My Prayer for You

May these prayers unite you with your baby emotionally, spiritually and physically.


Prayer #1


Prayer #2


Prayer #3