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Payment is due before your session to hold your appointment. If you don’t pay beforehand, your session is automatically cancelled and you can reschedule. Paypal, credit card and checks are accepted.

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Life Coaching Packages

Packages are ideal for those wanting to achieve a goal, and during transitional or stressful times when you need more spiritual and stress management support. Your private sessions, provided by phone, Skype or FaceTime, are highly personalized and dedicated to helping you feel more focused, confident, clear and calm, including when making big decisions. You’ll move through blocks and reach that next level of growth and empowerment through the benefits of intuitive insights and various techniques including resonance testing and energy therapy. Working together with divine guidance, my coaching clients have started successful businesses, healed from painful break-ups, found relief from grief, stress and anxiety, created improved health and felt good about making big decisions. Packaged sessions are provided on a weekly basis, and must be used 30 days from day of purchase.

60-Minute Package

Special Promotions

Use the donation option below to pay for overtime given during your session, or a special promotional offer.

Mobile Coaching Services

Convenience For Established Clients
Coaching by Email – Email sessions are very detailed and insightful, a transcript of what would be your phone session. The benefit is email sessions are focused on specific questions, and there’s no risk of using up time with diversions which can happen when talking. Some clients prefer this method of coaching for personal reflection. Email sessions cost $100 and include up to four questions. If you email me more than four questions, the cost will be based on time. When you pay the invoice for your completed reading, your email will be sent to you.

Resonance Testing (text or email only) – $80 for 3 tests. Resonance testing is a technique that accesses answers from your subconscious mind/higher self by detecting strengths and weaknesses in the energy field. This method takes the guesswork out of decision-making, helping you see the best vibrational match for you at this time, ruling out decisions made from fear, doubt or confusion. If you’ve heard of muscle testing or Applied Kinesiology, it is the same concept, except we are bypassing the need to use muscles to read energy, using a pendulum instead. Things often tested: health care professionals, healing therapies, nutritional supplements and foods.

Even though I couldn’t connect directly with Lauralyn via face-to-face, the energy felt during the group session with Skype was just like being with her. I have been a client for four years now, starting with face-to-face. I can’t begin to tell you how moved I am no matter what the platform is that I am able to connect. Whether it is by phone, email, or Skype, I just feel blessed to be able to have this moment of pure love and validation. Thank you Lauralyn for changing my life more than you will ever know. Amanda Bernard Nelson


She is a compassionate, spiritual person who will bring peace and positivity to your session. She truly cares about what she is doing — and she is very gifted at it. Kathy Doucette

Animal Advocate, Pets of the Homeless

Lauralyn is amazing! She’s able to key in to exactly the answers you are looking for. And whether or not you like the answers, she is positive and supportive in helping you understand them and how they affect your situation. I trust and value her insight, kindness, and truth both in getting answers I can’t find myself and in validating what my intuition has told me anyway. I’d recommend Lauralyn for anyone ready for life event guidance and support. Jesse Anderson


I have been working with Lauralyn for over 8 years and her positive insight has provided the peace of mind and validation that is vital to my personal wellbeing. I come to Lauralyn knowing she always creates a sacred space where I can navigate my life’s hurtles and receive the confidence that I am always connected to Source and my departed loved ones. I recommend her to anyone who is searching to regain that deep connection and peace within their own lives. Tina Brown

Life Coach, Communication Coach, Reiki Practitioner

I’ve now had 2 skype sessions with Lauralyn, and all I can say is that she is a truly gifted medical intuitive, psychic, and healer. It is absolutely amazing how tuned in and accurate she is. During the sessions she was in a divine flow of energy, and her replies to my many questions ranging across a wide range of topics were incredibly insightful and extremely helpful. I really can’t speak highly enough of her- she truly has a divine gift. And she is a real healer- I feel supported by her on both a spiritual and personal level, because she is compassionate and really cares and wants to help as much as possible.
If you’ve ever had sessions or readings from other medical intuitives or psychics, you probably know that some of them can be a bit ‘strange’ in some ways. Well, Lauralyn is not like that at all- her energy is balanced, and she is always loving, friendly, approachable, positive and helpful. I really feel that she is a little angel sent here by the Divine to help others along their path to health and happiness. I am very grateful that I found her, and I sincerely hope that my writing this will help lead you to her, so that you too may benefit from her exceptional gifts.

Barry Zerden


Lauralyn is truly amazing. Her sessions are always healing….on a deep soul level. Her messages always come through with such love. I find that the sessions help me learn to trust my intuition because they often are validating what I am feeling. It’s a partnership during her sessions. She gives messages and you can tune in and see if it resonates. She has helped me so much on my journey. When I was going through a divorce I had a session with her that changed my life. She helped me see the situation from a bigger, spiritual, soul level that brought such peace. I highly recommend Lauralyn. I have recommended her to many friends and family and they have all been blown away. Alison Kermode

Senior Vice President

You have been such a guiding force in my life. You have been like the angel in physical form that is there with compassionate guidance when I need it most. I remember after I had my baby how lost I was in my desires for some answers.  You have me such amazing direction on the right kind of formula to supplement my little man.  I am forever grateful! I love how you have been an intuitive for my business plans, for nutritional guidance and my infant, for my relationships and help with animal communication. You really have touched our whole families lives! Yve Hart

Self-Care Crusader, 40 Day Green Cleanse

Lauralyn is quite unique. She is generous and fair with her services. She is very professional and truly listens. She is a genuine lady and respects all people. I have referred several friends and they cannot say enough about her. I love her! She has truly been a blessing in my life. My friends are now bringing their family members. Debbi Dunn

Wellness Consultant, Sage Holistic Health

My session with Lauralyn was incredible. After I felt free, and light, and like I could finally move forward in my grieving. It was so amazing to find some peace and resolution. Thank you is an understatement. Kate Giannini

Recruitment Consultant

Whenever I am feeling really wound up or in fear mode about a particular situation, I always seek out counseling from Lauralyn. Her readings are always filled with love and light, and are extremely insightful . Without even saying too much about a situation, Lauralyn always picks up messages and intuitions about other things within the situation, and she has a great sense of humor and you always end the session with a feeling of faith renewed. If you are struggling with anything, and feeling blocked or hopeless or as previously stated, caught up in fear mode, do not hesitate to contact Lauralyn. Julie Prewett

To say that Lauralyn is amazing is an understatement! She’s not only accurate, but she delivers important messages and advice without judgment.  Her guidance is infused with a large dose of compassion and kindness. Lauralyn is reliable and a genuine soul! Thank you for your last 7 years of inspiring and invaluable advice. XO Jenn Sanchez

Social Worker

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