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If you have a very sensitive body as I do, it’s essential to choose the easiest absorbed, purest formulas to ensure you receive what you need. Klaire Labs and hypoallergenic Pure Encapsulations have been the cleanest, most effective formulas I’ve taken which is why our family feels so good recommending them to you!

You can now access these formulas directly from the manufacturer so you are guaranteed authentic products. See below for recommendations that are pure, hypoallergenic supplements free from magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, gluten, soy, hydrogenated fat, artificial sweeteners and colors, GMO’s and other unnecessary additives.

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• Go to Customer Type and select 24, Retail from the drop-down menu
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This service is provided as a courtesy to our clients. We do not receive commissions from your orders. We hope this helps you find the supplements you need at an affordable cost. We provide health coaching, but are not a replacement for medical care. Please consult with an integrative health care provider for any questions or concerns you may have about a medical condition.

Nutritional Support for A Happier Body

All of these formulas are hypoallergenic.


  • L-Glutamine (Klaire or Pure Encapsulations) Excellent for leaky gut, food sensitivities, mold allergies, intestinal repair.
  • Betaine HCL (Pure Encapsulations) Increases stomach acid for better digestion. Helpful for people with low stomach acid.
  • Interphase Plus (Klaire Labs) This is my FAVORITE bloat banisher! An enzymatic formula that destroys biofilms and improves digestion.
  • MicroDefense (Pure Encapsulations) An herbal parasite cleanse that improves digestion.
  • Vital 10 (Klaire Labs) An excellent multi-strain probiotic.


  • Bioflavonex (Pure Encapsulations) A great vitamin C formula for immune support.
  • Synergy K with Vitamin D3 (Pure Encapsulations) My favorite formula to decrease bruising, create strong nails, boost immunity.
  • Zinc Picolinate (Pure Encapsulations) Excellent for cold season.


  • Adenosyl/Hydroxy B12 liquid (Pure Encapsulations) Natural energy boost. Highly recommend for fatigue and vegetarians.
  • Folate 1000 (Pure Encapsulations) Helps with B vitamin absorption, energy and overall immunity.
  • MethylAssist (Pure Encapsulations) A combo of B-12 and Folate in one formula.


  • Melatonin (Pure Encapsulations) Encourages your body’s natural sleep rhythm.
  • GABA (Pure Encapsulations) A natural sedative.
  • B6 Complex (Pure Encapsulations) Relaxes mind and body.
  • Magnesium Glycinate (Pure Encapsulations) Mind and body relaxation. Helps with body aches and anxiety.
  • Anti-Fatigue Complex (Pure Encapsulations) Amino acids, vitamins, minerals and herbs to improve energy levels.
  • Adrenal or ADR Formula (Pure Encapsulations) Adrenal cortex helps weakened adrenals, natural energy and mood boost.

 10306_pure_vitamin_d3_1000iuUSE YOUR CODE TO ORDER.

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And save 40% online at Pure Encapsulations using our Friends and Family Program. You’ll receive doorstep delivery, assuring fresh products straight from the manufacturer.


What Weakens Immunity

  • Medications like antibiotics and birth control pills
  • Antibiotics and hormones in non-organic meats and farm-raised fish
  • Pesticides in non-organic vegetables
  • Genetically modified organisms
  • Inflammation
  • Food sensitivities
  • A diet high in sugar, carbohydrates and/or alcohol
  • Chronic stress, high cortisol levels
  • Viruses (such as influenza otherwise known as the “flu” and Epstein Barr, a trigger for chronic fatigue syndrome)
  • Bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections
  • Insufficient nutrient absorption hindering immune function
  • Heavy metals (silver fillings, fish, water, environmental)
After my session with you, I ended up having an appointment with my naturopathic doctor later that day, and it’s crazy, but his Mora machine pulled up literally the EXACT same things that you recommended. Like you, he even asked about arthritis and fibromyalgia. It was just so affirming that you both found the exact same things wrong with me. He also said that I’m holding in a lot of grief. I told him I had spoken to you earlier in the day and that both of you were on the same page with that. I need to let it go. 🙂 I look forward to continuing with both you and my naturopathic team and seeing what more patterns you guys find.

Oregon, U.S.

In yoga medicine, the root of health lies in the gut. 70% of your immune system is located there! Many intuitive people are extra sensitive to lower frequencies of foods, medications, chemicals and stress, and often struggle with health issues as a result.

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