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Was Princess Alice of Battenberg an Intuitive Healer?

Was Princess Alice of Battenberg an Intuitive Healer?

Princess Alice in her royal days.

Raised on Long Island, which boasts one of the largest populations of Italians in America, my family wasn’t much different than others of shared culture. We were raised only knowing our Italian heritage. The food, the early stories of immigration to the States, the Catholic feasts that lined the streets with sausage and peppers, the blatant xenophobia and disgrace of mafia stereotyping, all the names that end with vowels. 

I didn’t know of any Italian family, including my own, who ever expressed knowledge – let alone pride – of having any other ancestral roots aside from Italy. When people asked my heritage, I simply said, “Italian.”

My mother was curious about her roots. She knew of immediate family that immigrated from Naples, but there were unsolved mysteries that were passed down. Like a vintage photographic portrait of a handsome male relative with “Germany” penciled on the back. There was also a hunting license that had been passed down through generations, allowing one of our ancestors to hunt on Spanish royal grounds. So my mother wondered if we had ancestors in Spain, as well. There was also talk of a French connection (there is some irony to this).

I wanted to clear up all the rumors and guessing and take a DNA test. I took two. 23andme and Both tests confirmed my heritage is up to 85% European. The fact is I am mostly Italian with a touch of British. 23andme included a little history about my Maternal Haplogroup — a gene tracing the women on my maternal lineage 420 generations back! Those who share my Haplogroup, H5’36, share a common ancestor with me who lived approximately 10,500 years ago. Around 40% of Europeans belong to this DNA ancestry line. (We do live in a very connected world when you consider DNA links.)

Here’s where the above irony comes into play. This common H ancestry line appears frequently in Europe’s royal houses. Marie Antoinette shared an H common ancestor (there’s a French connection, albeit not one you’d admire!).

Then I discovered Prince Philip also shares the H ancestor line. I’ve always loved British history. Now that I know I have British roots, and like many other European blood lines, we share a common DNA link, I was curious to learn more about this somewhat controversial figure in recent royal history. Prince Philip, if you didn’t know, is the present Queen’s husband. As portrayed in Netflix’s The Crown, he’s a rebellious free spirit, charming, adventuresome, stubborn, and fiercely loyal, enduring whispers of partying reputation, womanizing and hanging out with questionable characters and bad influences. He overcame a traumatic childhood and critical royals who didn’t feel his status ranking was befitting for the Monarchy, and has been the Queen’s greatest protector, confident and best friend for the past 70 years.

That’s how I found HRH’s mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg. She was the great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria. She suffered hearing loss that begin at a young age. Her childhood was divided between England, Germany and the Mediterranean. She later fell in love with Philip’s father, Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, and settled in Greece. Prince Andrew had a career in the military, and the Princess enjoyed her opportunity to serve through her country through charitable work. Her aunt, the Grand Duchess Elizabeth of Russia, was a spiritual role model for her. Her Aunt Elizabeth experienced a profound calling to deepen her spiritual work. She gave away all of her possessions, founded a religious order of nuns, and after her husband was brutally assassinated, she publicly forgave his killer, abandoned royal life entirely and became a nun herself.

Her Aunt Elizabeth, after leaving royal life and becoming a hard-working, beloved nun.

Her aunt’s strong sense of purpose inspired Princess Alice, who also devoted herself to religious life, joining the Greek Orthodox Church, and working in a charity shop for Greek refugees. But any sense of stability she may have tried to create didn’t last long.

The royals, including Princess Alice, were exiled from Greece twice due to wars and changing politics. Shortly before the last exile, Princess Alice was already mother to five children, her last birth had been Philip in 1926. Surely, being exiled was stressful enough, imagine explaining why you’re being forced to leave your home to your five small children. But Princess Alice’s stress didn’t end there. A few years after Philip’s birth, she would be held against her will in a Swiss asylum, defending her sanity, attempting multiple escapes to freedom. She refused treatment recommended by Dr. Sigmund Freud who diagnosed her with paranoid schizophrenia and believed the condition may be cured by applying radiation to her ovaries, zapping away any sexual frustration at the root of her ills. (Yes, psychiatric treatment was barbaric back then, not the awakening of personal growth and helpful medications we are blessed with today).

But was Princess Alice really paranoid schizophrenic?

The Princess said she was receiving divine messages and had healing powers. What if she was? Her religious Aunt Elizabeth, the nun, was honored for her charitable works, especially helping the poor of Russia. When the Bolsheviks killed her, she became a Christian saint. What if her aunt, too, had similar experiences? Hearing divine messages and having healing hands are common spiritual gifts in the history of several saints. Jesus, after all, was a Master hands-on healer and divine messenger. Why wouldn’t his devotees feel touched by this Holy Spirit?

I decided to ask one of my trusted spiritual guides, St. Teresa of Avila, if Princess Alice was mentally ill. She tells me no, Princess Alice was not schizophrenic. She was deeply misunderstood. She was extremely sensitive and intuitive, a deep thinker and restless spirit who lacked interest in trivial things. Her progressively poor hearing conveniently blocked noisy distractions, and her meditative spiritual practices cleared her mind, helping her hear spiritual messages clearer. If any messages she shared were deemed “paranoid” it may be that she admitted she felt angels watching her, she may have predicted gloomy future outcomes to situations if things didn’t change, or shared her feelings about negative energy that she sensed needed clearing. Cynical people must have thought she had to be mentally ill to trade her royal life for the destitute life of a religious servant.

Religious life mimics some of the symptoms of schizophrenia. Symptoms like social withdrawal (she was dedicating herself to helping impoverished communities and lost her interest in socializing with royal friends). Odd beliefs (people who didn’t share or understand her choice of religion may consider her beliefs odd, bizarre or irrational). Questioning other’s motivations (spiritual people often seek deeper meaning in understanding people). And exhibiting few emotions (she was disengaging from emotional drama and probably kept calm living a low-stress lifestyle, and by her prayer and meditation practice).

Sadly, while committed to the asylum, she missed attending all of her daughter’s weddings. Obviously deeply hurt and likely feeling betrayed, she was estranged from her husband and family for nearly a decade after her release from hospital. When released, she was considered cured. When do we ever hear of a paranoid schizophrenic cured without medication? And even then, there are no guarantees. I find it even more improbable that her brief hospital stay and any misguided treatment at that time cured her supposed mental illness. I believe she stopped sharing her spiritual visions, and kept her healing abilities to herself. Hence, she was “cured.”

Alice, the nun, with her equally strong-spirited son, Prince Philip.

In 1938, Princess Alice returned to Athens, Greece, moved into a small apartment by herself, and spent her days working with the poor. When her son, Prince Philip married Princess Elizabeth, she was seen by some as the kooky mother-in-law with a sordid past. She caused a stir when she showed up to her daughter-in-law’s formal coronation dressed in drab grey nun garb, looking a bit unraveled.

Regardless of her disheveled outward appearances and community gossip, Princess Alice was loved unconditionally by Prince Philip and his wife, Queen Elizabeth. When she grew old and physically unwell, her son and the Queen welcomed her to live at Buckingham Palace, where she died in 1969. A few of her jewels are presently in the Queen’s engagement ring, she left no other material legacy behind. She had given everything away to those in need.

Despite all the traumas in her life – her lack of a stable and consistent home, frequent relocations, wars, missing her children’s weddings, notoriety from her daughters marrying German Nazis, the untimely and violent deaths in her family, including losing one daughter and grandchildren in a plane crash, and her beloved aunt murdered by political terrorists, a judgemental mother, an absent father and later an absent husband accused of treason – she did a lot of good on this planet before she left it. Perhaps most notably were her heroic actions during World War II, when she bravely hid persecuted Jews in her home in Athens, despite neighbor’s warnings that she was risking her own life, too.

The smoking, card playing, intuitive healing, yogi loving, eccentric Princess, who gave up her riches and status to devote her life to helping those in need, may not have been fully understood or appreciated by some in her lifetime. But she certainly left the kind of courageous, bold, giving heart that lives on in people wanting to make a difference in this world. Today, she is buried in Jerusalem, the Holy Land, with her favorite aunt, Saint Elizabeth.

Makes me wonder how many of us who share the Haplograph H gene are called to some kind of charitable or divine service. Amazing how a simple DNA test could open the doors to more inspirational legacies!


Healing Hollywood: bringing shadows into light

Healing Hollywood: bringing shadows into light

Sexual harassment is nothing new. It can be traced back to the powers who took charge of freshly colonized America. It took centuries for legal protection to be instated, the Civil Rights Act of 1964. And here’s why that law has failed majorly to protect millions of victims: because it doesn’t address the psychological manipulations, intimidation and trauma involved in the sexual harassment process. There is no law making it mandatory to provide education about this insidious crime in schools or workplaces, and young people aren’t taught how to notice the signs.

Sexual predators hunt inexperienced, naive young people who are hopeful, trusting, easily impressed and manipulated, and unprepared to protect themselves. They hunt subordinates, people who they believe they have power over, such as a lesser ranked employee, auditioning actress, applicant who desperately wants their dream job. They also are drawn to insecure people who have already been traumatized in childhood, and are conditioned to people please, don’t know what boundaries are, and are used to abusers manipulating them to get what they want.

Harvey Weinstein’s Demons: Tapping into the mind of a predator

Weinstein is a deeply insecure and angry man, drunk with power, a compulsive eater and pornography watcher, who uses sex to validate his importance and get an endorphin rush to ease his misery. I’m sensing he was molested by an older man when he was a child, someone he may have referred to as an uncle. His childhood home feels critical, cold and detached, contributing to the making of his twisted mind. He’s so devoid of love and light (which creates torturous emptiness in those who are suffering), he relinquishes power to his shadiest shadow self. His grandiose thinking, being told one too many times how great he is, being treated like royalty, making insane amounts of money, has created this reality in which he is a god entitled to his demands. Like other predators in positions of power, he held himself accountable to nothing, and no one. He used this absolute power to his advantage, using threats to silence his victims. Sweeping his dark, abusive actions into his shadow that kept growing larger and larger. 

Here’s the problem with Weinstein: you could teach his younger self how to respect women, how to contain his urges, how to cope with wealth and fame, and not be a criminal. Would this have changed anything? My intuitive impression is no. Weinstein’s demons are immune to education, on a cerebral level. They are working through his emotional defects, his traumas, his physiological imbalances. Unless his mind, spirit and body were healed, and he installed a moral code for his own protection, he was bound to hurt someone. His shadow is too large to contain, it leaked all over his victims, it convinced him that everyone wanted him when really deep inside he believed no one wanted him.

That is the sad truth about Harvey Weinstein. He is a frightened, neglected, entitled, unloved little boy, layered in fleshy pounds of self-hate. Desperately trying to prove to himself that he’s wanted, and setting himself up for constant rejection that validates his true feelings about himself. The women who married him have never truly, deeply loved him, he’s had marriages of “convenience” with stunning beauties who used him to achieve their professional goals. He has evaded his deeper problems by constantly distracting himself with sex, alcohol and movie making.

Will Weinstein ever be healed from his addiction to sexual domination? My intuitive impression is no. I believe he should be registered as a sex offender and devote the rest of his life to a 12-Step Program that will help him commit to his recovery best he can. A good remedy for his soul: acts of service and humility. Open his heart to healthy spirituality, and do some good in the community, practice being selfless in this lifetime.

The Spiritual Battle: Good Overcoming Evil

Historical uprisings have showed us when people can’t take the abuses anymore, and decide to take their power back, change happens. The reason this scandalous exposure started in Hollywood is because Hollywood is the Capital of Ego here on Earth. It represents everything Heaven warns us about: getting sucked into the illusions of the material world. The fame, money, big houses, beautiful people, all of these images of what happiness is. We’re too smart to fall for the illusions anymore. We don’t need another heartbreaking Hollywood tragedy to get the message across: material things, superficial things, do not create lasting wholeness or happiness. Only love and genuine, kind, meaningful connections do that. 

What is happening in the Capital of Ego right now is a purification process. All of the darkness that has been hidden deep in fear is being brought into the Light for healing. Earth angels are uniting, inspired by each other’s courage, and no longer enabling the evil deeds of darkness. Big Hollywood players like Netflix, HBO and Amazon are firing well-loved stars and cancelling series to protect their image, sending a strong message that this behavior is no longer tolerated by the mass consciousness, which will have a trickle down effect to the rest of society. These evil abuses of power are no longer accepted as something you could easily get away with.

Will Things Really Change?

Will there still be sexual predators in Hollywood? Unfortunately, yes. Evil will still do what evil does as long as humans turn away from Light. The good news is I see more empowered and aware men and women, I see more fear where it should be, in the minds of predators knowing it will be much harder to manipulate their next victim. And with this, I see less assaults and unwanted advances overall. Predators are lazy. They want easy prey. What repels them most is a confident, secure Light Warrior who refuses to be swayed by corrupt power no matter what material promise is dangled in front of them. Predators don’t see confident, grounded, virtuous earth angels worth the effort to pursue. And predators have fragile egos, so the consequence of losing their job, and powerful status, is another deterrent for them.

We’re witnessing a shift in Hollywood, a shift in power from darkness to light. Hollywood mirrors an idealistic reality to the subconscious mind, something desired by ego. The new ideal being downloaded is a safer world in which darkness cannot easily exist. Though we have a long way to go, this is a positive movement. My prayers go out to all the victims who have been devastated, I wish them so much healing. Thanks to their courage, this victory for Team Light is something to celebrate.



Royal Coupling: What the future holds for Harry and Meghan

Royal Coupling: What the future holds for Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry popped the question to American actress, Meghan Markle, and recently announced it to the world. He is a rebellious spirit, and true to himself, he chose a woman who isn’t a typical fairy tale princess. Raised Catholic, with Jewish heritage, bi-racial, American, divorced, and older than his 33 years. There are many firsts Prince Harry is introducing to the British monarchy. It’s impressive how far the monarchy has come from the days when a King was forced to leave his kingdom when he refused to abandon his love for a divorced American woman. Today’s scandals need way more shock factor to evoke such controversy.

As I’ve done in the past with celebrity couples, I’ve tuned in to see what the future may hold, and here are my intuitive impressions.

Prince Harry needs a strong woman to keep up with him, support him unconditionally, and not take his moodiness personally. My sense is Harry has a huge heart, and would go out of his way to help someone. He’s loyal, fiercely protective and adventuresome. He can also be restless and doubt his decisions after they’ve been made. He leads with his heart, and prefers to believe the best about people, and potential outcomes. Though he may struggle with anxiety at times, carrying trauma from both the tragic loss of his mother and the relentless judgement he endured growing up in the harsh spotlight, he is confident about his ability to make a difference in the world and that mission is very important to him.

What made him fall for Meghan? I believe her equally adventuresome spirit, her ability to easily adapt to different, unfamiliar situations (she is an actress, after all!), her warm, down-to-earth nature and her bubbly personality. She also has a big heart and loves the idea of helping people, doing something positive with her fame. She is a breath of fresh air for him, and in typical Harry fashion, he impulsively had to go for it. Go big or go home may be his motto! What concerns me a bit is their speedy courtship, because Prince Harry is prone to get swept away by emotions and then doubt himself later. I tuned into some questions you may be wondering, too. Here’s what my guides shared.

Did he propose from any kind of pressure to marry? Definitely not. Is he in love? Not yet. He is in the enamored stage still. Will this marriage be lifelong for both of them? No. Five years. Will they have children? Yes, two.

I’m seeing a future of Meghan living bi-coastal, once she shares children with the Prince. I don’t actually see Prince Harry being the one who will regret his decision to marry her, I’m seeing Meghan regret her decision, not realizing the amount of responsibility it would be and the drastic lifestyle change this marriage will require. Though the monarchy has modernized a great degree compared to generations ago, there are still customs and traditions that are cherished obligations, and the royals are committed to their service. I see Meghan trying her best, but never feeling she truly fits in.

Right now, it does feel like a dream come true for her, she is as swept up in the romance as he is. She is gracious, kind, and creating positive impressions. But her spirit may become restless. I see her feeling trapped in this royal life once she realizes it isn’t all glamour, dainty hand waves and radiant smile as it appears on the surface. Culture shock will hit her quite hard. She will not only become a citizen of a foreign country that is very different from America (the L.A. girl will have to adjust to Heinz beans served for breakfast, no In-N-Out Burgers and a language that is a whole other kind of English), she will also be taking on the role of consistently scrutinized government figure (Kate Middleton was spotted with a few grey roots and media reported as if she committed a cardinal sin). I’m seeing her homesickness and insecurities creating an inner crumbling that leads to a tear-filled realization that – though they have grown to truly love each other – she isn’t happy living that life.

Whenever I don’t see happy endings for couples, it makes me sad. Who doesn’t love a happy ending? That’s the whole point of a fairy tale, you go through massive amounts of stress and finally get to settle into happiness. I can only share what I see, and trust that if this is the path ahead of them, it’s Divinely designed, and everything will happen exactly as it’s meant to. For now, I see Meghan playing a role and not yet showing her whole self, fearing a part of her may not be good enough. I feel the same on Prince Harry’s end, he’s showing her the best side of himself, naturally. It’s what all new couples do in the beginning stages. It takes a while for people to really know one another, and with the jet-setting lifestyles these two have had, I just don’t see a lot of that practical daily relationship, or time, to see their flaws and challenges yet. I foresee Prince Harry’s need for personal space and changing moods contributing to Meghan’s insecurities, and her having many moments of loneliness, though he would never intend that for her. They are used to different lifestyles, and his normal is very different from hers. Her ability to adapt will be the deciding factor of their fate.

Regardless of what the future holds, I wish the happy couple a peaceful life together, finding comfort and acceptance in each other’s embrace, and a family in which everyone feels loved. The Queen has gotten a bad rap for her frosty nature, but really she suffers from anxiety, too, and when I tune into her, I could feel the enormous love she has for her grandson and her desire for him to be happy enjoying the freedom to make his own choices in life.


Rising, Sun and Moon Signs: What are they?

Rising, Sun and Moon Signs: What are they?

Can you explain about rising, moon and sun signs? I’m the type of person that reads her horoscope everyday but I keep hearing if it doesn’t resonate to see my moon and rising sign. – Jenny

Your rising sign rules your outer appearance. It’s what you project onto the world, it’s how other perceive you. It reflects which sign was rising the moment you were born. Historically, astrologists paid more attention to the rising sign than the sun sign for an accurate depiction of someone’s personality. Your rising sign can match your physical constitution (Scorpios often have piercing eyes, Aries walk quickly) and predict specific aches and pains you’re prone to. Your rising sign also reflects your childhood and upbringing, when we learn how to present ourselves to the world. Rising signs are often telling of the social masks that we wear.

Here’s an easy rising sign calculator.

Your moon sign rules your emotions. Understanding your moon sign will bring awareness to your inner self, how you handle your emotions, fear and how you express love. The moon also governs moods. The moon is that side of you that only those closest to you really know. It’s also your subconscious. During stressful times, when your moon self comes out, anything you were suppressing will rise to the surface, unleashed. You may not feel yourself but you’re actually showing your truth in that moment. If you understand moon signs in your relationships, you will have a better understanding of how you and the other person handle stress, love, fear and emotions in general.

Calculate your moon sign.

Your sun sign rules your personality. It’s that spark in your spirit that makes you you. It also describes your basic ego, your character’s essential qualities. Your sun sign describes your core personality. Reading about your sun sign can tell you what’s happening on a conscious level, but these horoscopes are incomplete without delving deeper into your habits, feelings and instincts (moon sign) and the vibes you’re putting out that people are picking up on (rising sign).

Calculate your sun sign.

Astrology and Kindred Spirits. Ever wonder why you don’t get along with a sign thats supposed to be a great match? Or why you mesh so well with someone who isn’t supposed to be? Learn their rising and moon signs and you may understand more.

12 Conventional Foods Safe To Buy

12 Conventional Foods Safe To Buy

According to the Environmental Working Group, a toxin watchdog non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C., these fruits and vegetables are low enough in pesticides that they’re safe to buy even though they’re not organic, the pesticide contamination is considered low risk.

  1. Avocados
  2. Pineapple
  3. Cabbage
  4. Frozen sweet peas
  5. Onions
  6. Asparagus
  7. Mango
  8. Kiwi
  9. Eggplant
  10. Honeydew melon
  11. Grapefruit
  12. Cauliflower


Your Prayers ARE Heard!

Your Prayers ARE Heard!

faith-1Clients have shared that soon after their reading a prayer was answered. This has deepened faith in Divine timing and all the other life lessons our Angels are always trying to remind us of. When I pray for clients at the end of sessions, I hear and feel their soul’s request to God and my heart is open when vocalizing their needs and having full faith that Heaven is listening and will respond in some way. I have no doubt that Heaven hears our prayers. I’ve received too much validation over the years to ever doubt that prayers are just wishful thinking. Here are a few of the significant experiences I’ve had with prayer.

Heaven Answers. When I was very sick and on disability, my future looked bleak. Disability was a temporary solution for what had been a chronic problem and there was no long-term solution in sight. I had some big life questions that I needed answered like how would I survive? I prayed daily to St. Dymphna for mental strength, and during frustrated and fearful moments I begged, “God, you help those who help themselves. Please tell me how I can help myself!” I wrote to St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City and asked the clergy to pray for me. I received an encouraging letter back that they would. My mother dropped letters requesting healing for me in Church prayer boxes. I had been reading an uplifting spiritual subscription from the Franciscan friars and wrote them requesting prayers, too. They wrote back that they were praying for me.

Soon after all of these prayers were circulating, I had a very vivid dream. I was sitting in a garden. There were two curved, stone grey benches facing each other. The atmosphere was a bright white light and it seemed to penetrate my being. It was as if the air was charged with love and peace – a kind of love and peace that was a trillion-billion times anything I ever felt here. I felt amazing, wholly healed! I was in Heaven, I was home. A bunny sniffed the ground across from me and I noticed a monk seated on the bench. It was St. Francis! I had never felt a strong connection to St. Francis before. I had never prayed to him. But I had requested prayers from his friars here on Earth. He didn’t say anything to me. He didn’t have to. The message was telepathic, not needing words. It was a feeling, a knowing, that I was safe. That I wasn’t alone. That God was with me and that everything would be okay. I felt elated in Heaven, and a deep love for St. Francis that had no logic, no explanation other than he was a Divine being and love came naturally. I woke up feeling high on this beautiful spiritual energy. I felt so happy and at peace. I have never forgotten the details or how it made me feel. It proved to me that the prayers I requested from the friars were in fact heard by St. Francis whose spirit still overlooks the organization to help the sick and poor that he established centuries ago as his life’s mission. 

The first thought I had when I was healed from disease was that all of those prayers over the years had been heard and answered in the way God had intended, and I still feel deep gratitude for the extra spiritual support I received during that difficult, faith-testing time.

The Golden Bells. Divine beings hear ever prayer request. It may be difficult for our human minds to comprehend how an Ascended Master or Angel can possibly hear millions of prayers said to them at the same time. There are so many mysteries in this world, this is just one more. I can tell you, my experience as a psychic medium has banished all of my skepticism of what’s possible with prayer. Here’s why: during many, many readings I have seen a Divine being step in and say they have heard my client’s prayers. This is without me previously knowing my client’s religion or whether they pray or not. Buddha, Yogananda, Kwan Yin, Jesus and Mother Mary have come through to let people know they hear their prayers. Mother Mary once gave me this beautiful visual of golden bells in clouds and every time a prayer was said a bell rang. Each bell was connected to a soul with an etheric cord, showing we each have our own private line of communication with Heaven. Imagine how beautiful the sound in Heaven must be to hear so many bells ringing! Each bell is connected to the Divine being the soul is praying to.

During a group reading, I once saw a big elephant in the room that showed up for a young woman. I said to her, “There is an elephant in the room that wants you to know he hears your prayers. Do you understand?” She suddenly beamed with surprise and excitement. “Yes!” she said. “I’m Hindu and the elephant you’re seeing is Ganesh. I pray to him all the time!” Clients have been validated that their Angel, loved one or Ascended Master hear them. Loved ones have also validated that they have heard their family’s prayers so please know when you pray to your loved one in Heaven for help, they’re listening! 

Sealed and Delivered. Recently, I was guided to type out a prayer on my laptop. It was an open letter to God and my Guardian Angel, sharing my feelings and requesting assistance with a situation. The next day, my prayer for help with the situation was answered and it felt nothing short of a Divine intervention, once again strengthening my faith that prayers – written, said silently or aloud, are heard. I’ve learned that when prayers are answered in the way we hoped, it’s for our higher good. When prayers are answered completely differently than we expected, and not always down a happy route, it’s still for our higher good. And if it doesn’t seem like our prayer was answered at all, trust that, too, is a prayer answered even if you don’t understand why right now.

Power of Prayer

Power of Prayer

Long before Tapping went viral, psychic mediums were on Dr. Oz and places like Kripalu and Esalen existed, the foundation was laid. It was centuries old. And it was so simple. Prayer. 

Prayers, in their spiritual purity, are positive affirmations. Prayers influence our state of mind, moving us from a place of despair to one of hope. Reminding us of our strength when we feel weak and overwhelmed. Prayers, in this way, help keep us on track, supporting our self-confidence so we are drawn to more positive people and choices because of how we’re viewing, and feeling about life and ourselves. Prayer is a healing way to re-connect with your Divine support team and ask for what your soul needs on your journey. When you open up the communication lines with prayer, you will notice Heavenly guidance show up for you here in the physical world. And the less alone you will feel. You may also experience healing dreams or be inspired with ideas – Heaven is unlimited in the ways that your prayers can be answered.

Finding The Right Kind of Prayer for You
Mantras are repeating prayers. This kind of prayer helps clear the mind from other thoughts, focusing on one, two or three statements over and over. When you have a lot on your mind, mantras can be helpful to stop the loop of constant thinking. The rosary is a practice of repeating prayers while counting beads, a Christian practice. Yogis have all sorts of mantras for abundance, health and healing karma that are repeated over and over while counting mala beads. Beads serve as guides for the number of prayers you’re saying, and are another way to keep the mind focused and present. These organized kinds of prayers are great for busy minds when you don’t want to have to “think” about what to say.

Prayers can also be written, spoken aloud, said silently, and include a ritual like lighting a candle or burning incense, first thing in the morning or night, or said anytime, anywhere you need to be heard by Heaven. Prayers can be said to God, Angels, Ascended Masters and loved ones in Heaven. They are simply requests for spiritual help from Heaven or just a sacred time to be heard, and needn’t be complicated or dictated by strict rules. Prayer comes naturally when you become comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings openly and honestly with God and your Angels. Before we can be honest with God, we must be honest with ourselves. It’s not like we can hide anything from Heaven by which we were created and who we designed our life charts with, so we minds well let them know we are working on understanding our souls on deeper levels here!

Heaven Is Always On Call
The key to any healthy relationship is communication. If we’re only listening to God through meditation, when do we have an opportunity to practice expressing our inner voice and allow ourselves to be heard by the universe? What about those times when the mind is busy with stressful thoughts and meditation is a struggle? Prayer is an opportunity to re-direct an anxious mind. It’s therapeutic to pray. I always feel a vibrational shift in my being after I pray. I’ve been uplifted just by opening up the communication and sharing my honest feelings with God, my loved ones and the Angels. When I share my fears, hopes, disappointments, struggles and dreams, I feel supported just knowing that I am heard and I am never alone. I always have Heaven to hear me even if I don’t feel like talking to anyone here on Earth, even if I don’t always feel heard or understood here. I know God and our Angels never tire of listening, and are never off-duty when it comes to guiding and protecting our souls. They are our 24/7 surveillance team, encouraging, merciful and completely understanding of our soul’s experience in a way that no one else is. When I express my gratitude for this constant Divine support, I feel filled with warmth, love and security. When I pray for others, I know that my loving words and intentions alone are sending positive energy their way, add the gift of requesting assistance from God and Angels, and that really sends a healing dose of the Divine!

Prayer Detoxifies 
Prayers also promote introspection and mindfulness. Any feelings you’ve been suppressing or denying have a chance to be recognized when you’re honest with God about how you’re really feeling and what you need. There is a certain vulnerability that comes with honest prayer that is wonderfully liberating. Sometimes just sharing your worst fears can set them free. Suppressed emotions cause fatigue, anxiety and depression. Prayer is an outlet to get them out, detox your system from their harmful effects.

Prayer Raises Spiritual Energy
I’ve always been guided to open and close intuitive guidance sessions with a prayer. To start, I say a prayer for healing, protection and guidance. To end, I say a prayer based on the client’s current situation, asking for continued support with specific situations. Prayers create energetic boundaries and clear intentions that support clear guidance in return. I couldn’t imagine providing readings without them. I believe prayer is an integral part of spiritual healing and keeps sessions blessed through the simple act of asking for help, and giving thanks when it’s received. Even if your ego doubts, having faith that prayers are answered exactly as they need to be and being thankful for everything lifts the spirit and aligns with a higher vibration. Prayer puts us on Heaven’s wavelength.

Key reminders to support your prayers: Keep it simple. Be honest. Be direct. Leave the details to God. 

Healing Nightmares

Healing Nightmares

Sensitive, intuitive and empathetic people have vivid imaginations. A vivid imagination works great for receiving intuitive insights because as a clairvoyant clear, colorful, vibrant imagery tells a story, like seeing a movie in your mind. 

The downside to rich imaginations is bad dreams. Nightmares happen when you’ve been exposed to fearful imagery such as in the news, your own fears bubble up beneath the surface or you’ve taken on other people’s fears.

I’ve learned the hard way how to prevent nightmares, and I’m sharing these intuitive healing tips with you so you can stop them, too!

Here are the Do’s…

  • Read something positive and inspirational before bed, like a self-help or prayer book
  • Read novels that are fun, interesting or romantic
  • Sleep with a salt lamp
  • Take a warm sea or Epsom bath before bed. Try adding rose petals or oil
  • Soak your feet in warm water before bed
  • Make a habit of saying positive affirmations or prayers before bed
  • Journal out all of your fears (and reinforce your positive affirmation!)
  • Pull angel cards and trust your guardian angels love, hear and protect you
  • Practice a few calming yoga poses to release any tension before bed
  • Try a calming breathing exercise before bed
  • Listen to a relaxing meditation
  • Think loving thoughts
  • Think of 5 things you’re grateful for
  • Try placing a crystal like a rose quartz on your forehead when you’re lying in bed
  • Give yourself Reiki, a laser treatment or other kind of energy therapy before bed
  • Try this affirmation: “I am willing to release all the fears within me, I give them to God and the Angels, and I benefit from a rejuvenating sleep.”


Here are the Do Not’s…

  • Read horror or crime novels before bed
  • Watch horror or crime movies
  • Watch or read the news before bed
  • Eat low energy processed foods before bed (junk foods)
  • Go to bed overwhelmed with negative thoughts
  • Entertain fearful thoughts, if you feel anxious practice any of the above DO’s
  • Hang out late night with people you know who are negative and draining
  • Look at bills, budgeting or other things that may stress you out before bed
  • Go to bed after being exposed to negative energy without clearing yourself (see above DO’s)
  • Worry about having bad dreams; a bad dream is an opportunity to shift away from things or thoughts that are dragging you down

Wishing you a good night’s sleep! Let’s say it together, Tonight I recharge my mind, body and spirit and love fills every cell of my being and sleep.


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