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Amazing how what is for you cannot miss you. ❤️ Sending love and thanks for sharing. If no one has said it in a while, thank you for your generosity with your time & energy. It can be an act of incredible bravery and vulnerability to speak care into this world and mean it. It is seen and both appreciated and admired. 🙂


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I wish I could donate more because today’s message was the pep talk i needed!! Thank you, Lauralyn! 💕


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This is too crazy! Your Dove cards today are focused on “hydrating.” Can you guess? I am having a test tomorrow and today I can only drink liquids and must stay hydrated. Absolutely amazing!


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This is amazing!! I have chills! That same card you drew today has been coming up for me about a specific situation in my life. Incredible! All of these messages are such a blessing. Thank you!!!


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