Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Intuitive Coaching and angel readings?


Coaching gives you the power in our sessions by not just sharing what I feel, hear and see as a clairvoyant, but also asking you mindfulness questions and when guided, giving you spiritual homework and a detailed plan to help you achieve what you want. Since I’ve always been providing more life coaching than traditional psychic readings, and I am a certified coach, it made more sense to call my services coaching rather than readings.


Are you a medium?


Yes, but I don’t provide medium readings exclusively as I’ve found this work to be physically draining and spiritually risky. If God allows a loved one to come through In our sessions, it will be for the following reasons: validation that they’re still with you, opportunities for closure, or specific advice about your situation. Loved ones in Heaven appreciate the opportunity to help you feel less worried and more at peace. When loved ones are permitted through by God and Archangel Michael, it is profoundly healing. I can’t guarantee loved ones will come through, so I recommend that you also have other questions you’d like to work on so we can use the most of your time as God guides it.


How do I prepare for my phone session?


  1. Pay BEFORE your session otherwise your appointment will be automatically cancelled
  2. Call Exactly On Time
  3. Sit down in a quiet place a few minutes before your call and be prepared with questions and to take notes or record your session
  4. Come to the call with the intention of being an active participant in your session
  5. Email photos of yourself and loved ones as this can quicken the intuitive connection
  6. To make the most of your time, stay focused on your priorities for the day
Is Phone, FaceTime or Skype As Effective As In-Person Sessions?

Yes. You will be amazed how connected we can be over the phone and the convenience of this structure will allow you to spend more time on your self-development and less time commuting. Plus, you can continue your self-development while on vacation or traveling for work! As a clairvoyant empath, my antenna is seriously sensitive. During your session, I am reading the energy of your spirit, not your physical body, so being physically present with me is useless when it comes to providing clear and effective intuitive guidance. The presence of the physical body can actually be very distracting for me. I have clients in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Michigan, Virginia, Massachusetts, Texas, Germany, England and elsewhere around the world!

Email Guidance: How Does It Work?

Email me your questions, whatever you’re concerned about, along with photos relevant to your questions. I will tune in and share my impressions in writing. Email sessions aren’t just a few sentences, I share detailed insights, usually in one or more paragraphs replying to each of your questions. I will also ask you questions to get you thinking more deeply about it and from different perspectives and often offer recommendations to get you moving in the direction you want to go.





I recommend at least one in-person or phone/Skype session to get to know one another, understand the big picture of what you’re wanting to create before scheduling your email session, though I do not require it.

I really want the help but I can’t afford your fees right now. What can I do?




In a case-by-case basis, I will consider working something out with those dedicated individuals who who are passionate about positive change and personal growth, but have been financially impacted by unemployment, illness, single motherhood, or are young students, etc. You can get instant support listening to my podcast (and download them for free), downloading my affordable music and meditations and watching my videos (also free). I also recommend joining the mailing list, I share promotions exclusively to subscribers during the year.


You feel like a friend to me. What are the boundaries in our relationship?


I care about my clients, we spend years working through challenges and celebrating milestones together. I care about your peace and well-being as your life coach. In order for me to maintain the kind of objectivity, clarity and personal comfort that helps me serve you best, I must remain your coach and not cross the line into friendship as that will negatively affect our ability to work together and that’s why we crossed paths! If you are a weekly coaching client, it’s acceptable to text pertinent ah-ha moments you want to share, and I may or may not respond depending on my availability of time. I will respond during your next coaching session when you can share in detail those exciting experiences with me.

I appreciate you respecting my boundaries which are:

  • Paying on time
  • Calling on time
  • Accepting when time is up at the end of your session
  • Not texting or calling me outside of business hours (10-6 p.m.)
  • Not asking me to hang out with you
  • Not asking me “psychic” type questions or to tune in for you outside of your paid sessions, no matter how tiny the question may appear, it still requires my time, energy and focus. “Little” favors given add up to major fatigue for me. Channeling looks easy but just like swimming, it requires an enormous amount of energy. When I am not working for clients, it’s important for me to rest and recharge.


How long have you been clairvoyant and how does it work?


My family says I was having visions of angels and Jesus when I was four years old. My earliest memories as a child are of spirits harassing me to communicate with them. It was a frightening experience before I understood who I was and how to handle it professionally. When I was a teenager, my paternal grandmother appeared to me in a dream after she died. She stepped out of white light, looking radiant in a dress. She wanted me to know she was fine, and that everything was okay. I awoke knowing it had been her spirit and not just “a dream.” As I got older, friends would ask me how I picked up on things that no one else knew. One friend, who was studying psychology at the time, suggested I pursue the same degree because I “read” people so well! (I did complete a year of psychology at college but I realized fairly quickly that the way I “read” people was not always aligned with the confines of a textbook.)

My most profound experiences have been intuitively connecting with Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Francis of Assisi and St. Teresa of Avila. God knew I was a skeptic even of myself so my initial validation came during my Reiki training. My teacher would silently pray to a divine being before our attunements. She wouldn’t share who she was praying to, she did this privately. I had visions of these divine beings like Mother Mary and Krishna, confused as to why I was seeing them. When I shared what I had seen the teacher looked shocked and moved, she began to cry. She excused herself from class. I felt terrible, thinking I had offended her. Her partner assured me I had given her a great gift: validation that who she was praying to had heard her prayer. This Reiki teacher suggested I work with Doreen Virtue’s angel cards. A few months later, I moved 3,000 miles away to Los Angeles, and I was getting a massage. The therapist (who I had never met or spoken with before) said, “I know this may sound funny, but I studied with Doreen Virtue and I feel guided to share that you are meant to study with her, too.” That’s how it all began.

I’ve had many mystical experiences in my life that have deepened my faith and that I am very grateful for. It is a blessing to share this healing ability with you. I view this work as beautifully sacred.

The way I receive information is varied. I am clairvoyant so I see messages a lot, like a movie in my mind. I also hear, feel and sometimes even smell messages that come through. I translate the best I can the sensations I’m feeling, and welcome you to tune in, too. I honor heaven’s rules regarding free will and respecting life charts.

Why do you start your sessions with a chakra healing meditation?


By clearing stressful energy in chakras, cutting energetic cords that are draining energy, and breathing deeply, we enter a relaxed state and our frequency raises. I find it helpful when we’re both aligned with divine frequencies so you can feel present, energy flows easier, and you can strengthen your own intuition.

I recommend balancing chakras often to maintain a higher frequency which helps you feel connected, peaceful and less stressed. Download Chakra Healing with Archangels and listen daily.


Is your spiritual guidance non-denominational?


I work with all faiths and beliefs. God, “higher power” and “the universe” are interchangeable to me. So is Reiki and Holy Spirit. The spiritual aspect of my practice is non-denominational, I respect whatever you believe. Beliefs are very personal. Personally, I am a spiritual Catholic. I have a deep spiritual connection with Jesus, Mother Mary, the saints and Angels. I am inspired by the healing guidance in the New Testament. Dogma doesn’t resonate with me, the true spirit of the teacher’s mission is what vibes with me. Jesus was an unconventional Rabbi, a spiritual teacher with a mission to help people feel loved and healed. I’ve had several profound experiences with this peace making teacher. I vibe with Jesus. I have also been inspired reading Buddha’s philosophy, learning about Kabbalah, attending Shabbat and Jewish holiday dinners with Jewish friends, and by the philosophy and story of Arjuna in Hinduism. I have studied different religions and the foundation of teachings are the same: love, peace and goodness. That’s what I believe in.

Clients who are fellow Catholics sometimes express concern over the Church’s acceptance of our work together. I’m happy to share that I’ve had several priests give me their blessing for what they refer to as my healing ministry. I have personally given hands-on healing and intuitive spiritual counsel to priests who have given me empowering spiritual healing books, beautiful Bibles and even cash donations in return! I have been asked to work for the church, which I plan to do as a volunteer in the future. Instead of being told what I was doing was wrong, I’ve been encouraged to thank God for my healing gifts (I always do!).

The Catholic faith is highly influenced by visions of intuitive nuns and priests, and has a long history of intuitive spiritual healers (many were persecuted back in the day, and many have become integral to the religion such as devotion to The Sacred Heart, the physical sign of Jesus’ divine love for humanity. The physical heart wrapped in a thorn crown and topped with flames was a vision that several nuns, as far back as the Middle Ages, say was shown to them by Jesus in a psychic vision). There are many, many intuitive spiritual healing stories you can read about in the lives of saints like St. Francis, St. Thomas Aquinas, Julian of Norwich, and Teresa of Avila, and more modern-day healers like Padre Pio. You can also learn more about this mystical side of our faith attending a Charismatic Healing Mass. Catholic Charismatic practitioners provide healing services including intuitive messages and prophesy, hands-on healing, faith healing, and the use of healing prayers and holy water.


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