Simple treatments to calm and strengthen the flow of energy through your meridians.

Simple treatments to calm and strengthen the flow of energy through your meridians.

Cost of Kits

Premium Allergy Kit + Stress Vial, $290

Dog Allergy Kit + Stress Vial, $140

The Basic Allergy Kit + Stress Vial, $190

The Emotion Kit, $189



Strengthen your immunity with pure, hypoallergenic nutrients.

Laser Therapy: Your Personal Healing Revolution

I wanted to find something that was practical and just as effective as Reiki and acupuncture moving energetic blocks out of my meridians. I researched this powerful little laser for a few years before finally deciding to invest in one for myself, and I’m so glad I did! Like the many sensitive people I work with, symptoms after exposure to GMO’s and food intolerances made my life miserable. I’d have hours or days dealing with fun stuff like hives, GI upset, headaches, mood changes, brain fog, insomnia, body aches and fatigue. One of the greatest benefits being a Reiki Master is the ability to heal yourself with your hands, and I do this for myself often. I wanted and needed an energy treatment I could use when I didn’t have the energy to give myself Reiki. That’s when the Allergy Kit, with it’s powerful laser and specific homeopathic vials, became my best friend. My husband, a Registered Nurse, was sold the night I was reeling in pain from gluten and he watched the pain disappear while giving me a simple laser treatment. It’s truly amazing.

With your own portable laser to use at home, you can share it with your family, friends, clients and even pets! The Allergy Kit makers have a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee. They are happy to answer your questions when you call them. Dr Ynge Ljung, an acupuncture physician who discovered this energetic reprogramming process, tested it extensively in her practice before offering it to the general public. If you are a fan of Reiki, Tapping, acupuncture and other energy therapies, you will love this powerful laser! 

The Emotion Kit

The Emotion Kit works on the same principle as the Allergy Kit, moving energy through meridians and reprogramming the body to be less reactive to outside stimulus. Work, finances, relationships, LIFE can be stressful. Sometimes we get in our own way giving into negative thoughts, or a particularly stressful day will throw you off balance so you don’t feel like yourself. Moving the emotional energy through with laser therapy helps effortlessly reprogram your mind. After a laser treatment you’ll feel calmer, more peaceful and even inspired to quit any habits or negative thoughts that are creating unnecessary stress. The stronger your flow of positive emotions, the more repelled you’ll be dipping into that stagnant negativity. As a result, your vibrational frequency will raise, you’ll be tapping more into your higher self and you’ll start seeing meaningful shifts in your life. I’ve used the The Emotion Kit and laser in my private healing practice as well as with my own family, including my dog. Our previously abused rescued Chihuahua suffers from anxiety, and The Emotion Kit helps her feel deeply relaxed. It’s a miracle worker!

Dr. Ben Johnson, medical doctor featured on The Secret, interviews the makers of The Allergy Kit who explain in detail how The Allergy Kit works and why you feel more energized, less reactive, can break unhealthy cravings and lose weight.

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