Dove Cards for the Month of September🕊

Clarity. This month, God is making your next step really clear. You may receive news or insight that further validates what feels like a good decision. The more facts you gather, the more clarity you’ll have. Don’t base this decision on wishful thinking or someone’s negative opinion. Do your research and get unbiased, straight up facts.

Friendship. This is a good month to catch up with friends, check in on how they’re doing and plan fun get togethers. Socializing—either virtually or in-person—can lift your spirits, especially if you’ve felt isolated, lonely or unwell. Get connected and share that friend love!

Kindness makes a difference. God is thanking you ahead of time for having such a kind and generous heart. This month, your kindness may be extra appreciated. You may also be on the receiving end, someone’s kindness may brighten your day or make a big difference in your life.