Dove Cards for the Month of October🕊

This month, healing, kindness and harmony are themes.

You may need extra days off to recharge, or let yourself take the naps your body needs. If you’ve been tired or have a chronic illness, you may enjoy some better days thanks to more rest this month, or some allergies or stress alleviating.

God is asking you not to give up on a goal that would make your life better.

An opportunity is coming your way, trust your instincts. Does this opportunity present with kindness and does something about it feel healing or like it would be a more peaceful situation for you? If the answer is yes, seriously consider it. If you’re unsure, keep researching.

You may want to rest and nest this month, get that hygge going in your home. If any conflict or misunderstandings come up, use them as opportunities to practice self-care by setting boundaries, standing your ground, apologizing or accepting an apology. See which action supports your self-esteem the most this month.

God and your guardian Angel are helping you enjoy a harmonious month and sending you healing opportunities.

How can you create more harmony in your life this month?

How can you be kinder to yourself?

How can you show kindness to someone else? How is kindness a possible sign of right place, right time this month/a good opportunity?

What needs healing in your life? Who can you ask for help with this?

What are you feeling guided to doing or trying to support your goals and well-being this month?

God sees you’re making progress. He’s sending you tons of love this month to help you feel rested and supported.

He’s also asking you to take a break and have some fun!

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