Dove Cards for the Month of August 🕊

Ignore the Skeptics, Courage, Inspiration.

This is a mindfulness practice for August. See if it resonates with you as you make plans and observations these next few weeks.

Ignore the Skeptics—This month, you may be met with nonbelievers. You may even be the one who is doubting something is possible. God is asking you to ignore those negative predictions and keep pursuing what your heart is calling you to do. Everyone has an opinion based on their own life experiences and perspective. It’s important to listen to your higher calling this month. With God, anything is possible.

Courage—Does something feel scary for you this month? Are you planning a big life change? Scheduling a surgery or doctor’s appointment? Or do you need to confront a problem or have a difficult conversation with someone? God is asking you to be brave. You know what you have to do, and God is assuring you it will be okay. Stop avoiding what needs to be faced, and move forward like the warrior spirit you are!

Inspiration. This card usually appears when you have a sudden burst of exciting inspiration or when you’re feeling stuck and unmotivated. See what rings true for you right now. If you’re feeling uninspired, God is asking you to have hope because Heaven is working behind the scenes to motivate you to start or finish your goal. If you’ve felt highly motivated this month, God is assuring you that’s because you’re on the right path. What you’re working on this month may be reaping rewards by next month. Keep the faith.

Putting it all together….

If you feel called to do something but someone in your life isn’t on board, God is asking you to be persistent. Think of the times your intuition was spot on. This is one of those times. If you’ve been working or living with someone who is not on your wavelength, and their skepticism is hampering your own motivation and inspiration, it’s time to make a change. You may want to work with someone who feels as inspired as you, and either get professional counseling for a relationship or if you feel a relationship has run its course, be brave and start moving on.