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Christmas Spirits

There is a nice little local church on Long Island that overlooks the water and has the quaint feel of the small town it's located in. It has a positive aura, adorned with Christmas trees and beautiful red and white poinsettias. The church was dedicated to Mary, so...

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Rising, Sun and Moon Signs: What are they?

Can you explain about rising, moon and sun signs? I'm the type of person that reads her horoscope everyday but I keep hearing if it doesn't resonate to see my moon and rising sign. - Jenny Your rising sign rules your outer appearance. It's what you project onto the...

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Accepting Imperfections

ACCEPTING IMPERFECTIONS. This one is OH so hard for us perfectionistas. Always tweaking, sometimes second guessing, things just never feel "right." And if they do, chances are afterward you will feel that dread that everything wasn't perfect - even if no one else sees...

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Committed Relationships: The Spiritual Work

We're looking at commitment regarding love and dating in this video but this message pertains to ANY commitment you are considering or that you've already made including... -A positive change -A doctor's appointment or wellness plan -Caring for your fur baby...

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When Forgiveness is Overrated

Aren't ready to forgive? That's okay. You don't always need to. There's harder work required to heal your heart and soul.  Song featured in this video is "Little Angel Lullaby" from my Inspired album. Click here to...

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Intuitively Understanding Procrastination

Is procrastination blocking you from moving forward or protecting you from something? In this video, you'll learn how to use your intuition to discern fearful procrastination from protective, and the different reasons you may not feel ready. You'll understand how your...

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Simple Homemade Non-Toxic Toothpaste

When I learned I was sensitive to titanium dioxide, a carcinogen, I ditched make-up and lotions with it. When I still felt tired in the morning, I checked my toothpaste. And there it was, one of the ingredients! I tried an experiment. One night I brushed with only...

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Prayer for Presidential Elections

Dear God, Guardian Angels, Archangels Michael and Raphael, I am ready and willing to release all fears, worries and any negative attachments to the upcoming Presidential election. I command any and all fear-based energies that I have been exposed to through social...

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Healing Candida Infections

  Candida is a species of fungus (yeast) that naturally live in our digestive tract. This fungus thrives on sugar in any form it can get it - candy, cake, cookies, wine, beer and cocktails, all forms of sweeteners (including natural ones like stevia), sweet...

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12 Conventional Foods Safe To Buy

According to the Environmental Working Group, a toxin watchdog non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C., these fruits and vegetables are low enough in pesticides that they're safe to buy even though they're not organic, the pesticide contamination is...

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Your Prayers ARE Heard!

Clients have shared that soon after their reading a prayer was answered. This has deepened faith in Divine timing and all the other life lessons our Angels are always trying to remind us of. When I pray for clients at the end of sessions, I hear and feel their soul's...

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Power of Prayer

Long before Tapping went viral, psychic mediums were on Dr. Oz and places like Kripalu and Esalen existed, the foundation was laid. It was centuries old. And it was so simple. Prayer.  Prayers, in their spiritual purity, are positive affirmations. Prayers influence...

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Fresh and Simple Clam Soup

Clams are so simple to make, yet until recently I never even tried because I was intimidated. Would they snap at me like lobsters? Would I feel terribly guilty steaming living things? Would they move or make noises? The answer to all of the above questions is no. They...

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Roll Up and Open The Chakras!

I love this Pilates exercise. It's great to strengthen the core and a wonderful back, shoulder and hamstring stretch and it also awakens all the chakras. See if you can visualize the chakras in the photo here, running up and down the body. Can you imagine how this...

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Prayers for Peace

Prayer to Your Guardian Angel Dear Guardian Angel, please lift away any negative emotions interfering with my inner peace. Beam peace in my heart, in my soul, in my spirit, in my mind, in my body, in all one trillion of my cells. Beam peace on my family, my...

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Healing Nightmares

Sensitive, intuitive and empathetic people have vivid imaginations. A vivid imagination works great for receiving intuitive insights because as a clairvoyant clear, colorful, vibrant imagery tells a story, like seeing a movie in your mind.  The downside to rich...

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Do We Only Have One Guardian Angel?

Can you see our guardian angels?  Do we have only one guardian angel?  Do we also have other types of angels around us at all times?  It truly is fascinating! -Alison Yes! I've seen your guardian angels when I channel for you. I've seen anywhere from one, two, three...

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Healing Your Giving Valve

I contacted a spiritual healer to help me understand why I hadn't overcome burnout yet. I was diagnosed with Pernicious Anemia and a genetic folate deficiency that can cause chronic fatigue, but these are things I've had for a long time without major issue. So why...

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