21 Days of Chakra Healing with Archangels Improves Spiritual Health.

Experience what reviewers are raving about! This five-star rated unique compilation of meditations focus specifically on opening, cleansing and balancing your energy centers, from the root, feeling grounded and emotionally secure, to the crown chakra, your connection to divine wisdom. Many of Lauralyn’s clients have budgeted time for self-care, and Chakra Healing with Archangels meets that need to fit stress relief and spiritual healing into busy schedules. Start off your day with Om Shanti, a chakra healing song with affirmations to sing along. Use the 10-Minute Chakra Balancer whenever you need a tune-up. And listen to the P.M. Meditation that includes affirmations and brain wave technology for a deep, restful sleep.

INSPIRED: music that brings healing prayers and affirmations to life.

Lauralyn wrote these songs during a major transition in her life, when she was being challenged with painful change and new awakenings. While meditating, she heard music and lyrics that comforted and motivated her to stay true to her path no matter what difficulties presented. This beautiful arrangement of healing songs guide you to think positively, hear the Divine, keep the faith and overcome stuck ruts. These powerful angelic songs raise your spirit, and welcome God’s love and light into your living space.

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Lauralyn is a wonderful spiritual and health coach. I highly recommend her! She finds ways to restore my spirit and balance in life. I meet with her via FaceTime and this makes it incredibly convenient to have her in my life on a weekly bases. Words cannot express how grateful I am for Lauralyn. The fact she can be there to open up my blocks and free me of past, pains, and deep rooted family history is as tremendous as it is liberating. With her healing process, she has reminded me and guided me to the possible even when I doubted there was any possible left. As a result, I know I will not give up. I hope you will consider contacting her to understand the benefits of her services in your life.

Carina Cristiano

Long Beach, California

Whenever I am feeling really wound up or in fear mode about a particular situation, I always seek out counseling from Lauralyn. Her readings are always filled with love and light, and are extremely insightful . Without even saying too much about a situation, Lauralyn always picks up messages and intuitions about other things within the situation, and she has a great sense of humor and you always end the session with a feeling of faith renewed. If you are struggling with anything, and feeling blocked or hopeless or as previously stated, caught up in fear mode, do not hesitate to contact Lauralyn.

Julie Prewett

Port Townsend, Washington

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