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A gifted clairvoyant empath, Lauralyn provides clear, detailed intuitive insights and action steps for every aspect of your life – work, love, family, wellness, pets, raising sensitive and intuitive kids. She is an Intuitive Lifestyle Guide, Spiritual Counselor and Teacher using her abilities to help you live in harmony with your spirit, your physical body and your own truth.

Her wellness specialties are Angel Therapy®, teaching Yoga and Pilates Therapy, Guided Healing Meditations and Food Sensitivity Awareness. She also provides mentoring for healers, including Reiki practitioners.

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Lauralyn is an Angel Therapist® and intuitive medium certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue, a certified Yoga Therapist, Pilates Teacher, Usui/Karuna/Angel Reiki Master, and Mindful Meditation Teacher. She is an Indigo soul, an advocate for evolving, a lover of all things holistic and a self-care enthusiast. Once upon a time, she wrote a singles column for a woman’s magazine and reported the news. Then an event changed her life forever and awakened her to use her gifts for the greater good. But first, she had to use her intuition to save her own life.

Whenever I am feeling really wound up or in fear mode about a particular situation, I always seek out counseling from Lauralyn. Her readings are always filled with love and light, and are extremely insightful . Without even saying too much about a situation, Lauralyn always picks up messages and intuitions about other things within the situation, and she has a great sense of humor and you always end the session with a feeling of faith renewed. If you are struggling with anything, and feeling blocked or hopeless or as previously stated, caught up in fear mode, do not hesitate to contact Lauralyn.

Julie Prewett

Port Townsend, Washington

Once again I’m blown away by Lauralyn’s gifts. It’s so amazing to me how I can send a picture of someone and she can see right through them…telling me their story…what they are really all about. This is an enormous help with knowing the person or persons whether it be in your personal relationship or business. It’s important to connect with your angels. The angels around you want to give you messages and insight. Lauralyn can deliver those messages meant for you and help with giving you insight into any situation. Thank you Lauralyn for being you! I am grateful to have you in my life. <3 Charli

Charli Eaton

Los Angeles, CA

To say that Lauralyn is amazing is an understatement! She’s not only accurate, but she delivers important messages and advice without judgment.  Her guidance is infused with a large dose of compassion and kindness. Lauralyn is reliable and a genuine soul! Thank you for your last 7 years of inspiring and invaluable advice. XO

Jenn Sanchez

Long Beach, CA

Intuitive Nutrition and Wellness

After my session with you, I ended up having an appointment with my naturopathic doctor later that day, and it’s crazy, but his Mora machine pulled up literally the EXACT same things that you recommended. Like you, he even asked about arthritis and fibromyalgia. It was just so affirming that you both found the exact same things wrong with me. He also said that I’m holding in a lot of grief. I told him I had spoken to you earlier in the day and that both of you were on the same page with that. I need to let it go. 🙂 I look forward to continuing with both you and my naturopathic team and seeing what more patterns you guys find. – Sabrina, Portland, Oregon

Skype Sessions

“I was astonished at Lauralyn’s humor, insight and positive energy. Even though our session was via Skype, it still felt so connected and personal. I walked away feeling renewed with a better insight on how to reconcile the past and move toward the future with more confidence. Really looking forward to connecting with her again.” -Gina, Huntington Beach, CA

Daily Peace Meditation

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